Best Rowing Machine under 500 Dollars that you can buy

“Confused about which one is the Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars?”

Being fit is an indication of a healthy lifestyle. And as it is said the body is the temple of God, therefore it is necessary for us to take care of our body, till we have a fit body we can do anything.

Today humans suffer from several problems that are caused by unhealthy lifestyle and these problems are a signal of an unfit body and an unfit body leads to an unfit mind and fitness is not just about physical fitness but also mental fitness.

Today’s world understands how important it is to keep our body fit for a better life, therefore, has introduced numerous modern ways to keep our bodies fit because the foremost requirement for a happy and progressive life is a fit body.

We have options like yoga, pilates, gym equipment, and whatnot.

Today we will be talking about one of that equipment that serves with endless benefits, that is air rower. Mostly found in gyms, air rowers deliver various benefits and are a great option for home gym as well as it does come at a very affordable price.

We will find out the best rowing machine under 500 that can be brought home.

What is a rowing machine?

A rowing machine is an indoor gym machine that helps in full body workout. It is a great stamina building machine that helps in toning muscles and helps weight loss too.

Rowing machines basically imitates the action of watercraft rowing (that’s the reason why it is called rowing machine) hence provides all the benefits of water rowing activity under a roof leaving the thrill of course.

It comes with several resistance types that are water resistance, air resistance, hydraulic resistance and magnetic resistance.

Best Rowing Machine under 500 Dollars

S.No.ProductDetailsBuy Now
1.Body XTREME Fitness Body Sculpture 1500 SWeight Capacity: 250lbs.
Reviews & Ratings: 2 (5.0/5)
2.XTERRA Fitness ERG600WWeight Capacity: 350lbs.
Reviews & Ratings:6 (3.4/5)
Warranty: Lifetime on Frame, 2 years on parts & 1 year labor
3.JOROTO MR30Weight Capacity: 265lbs.
Reviews & Ratings: 95 (4.3/5)
Warranty: 12 months
4.ProGear 750 RowerWeight Capacity: 220lbs.
Reviews & Ratings: 201 (4.3/5)
Warranty: 12 months
5.Harvil Hydraulic Rowing MachineWeight Capacity:
Reviews & Ratings: 263 (4.3/5)
Warranty: 6 months
6.Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050Weight Capacity: 250lbs.
Reviews & Ratings: 2991 (4.1/5)
Warranty: 12 months
7.Sunny Health and Fitness Water Rowing Machine SFRW5713Weight Capacity: 300lbs.
Reviews & Ratings: 588 (4.0/5)
Warranty: 3 year
8.Body XTREME Fitness Turbo 2000Weight Capacity: 250lbs.
Reviews & Ratings: 6 (4.1/5)
Warranty: 1 year
9.Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050Weight Capacity: 250lbs.
Reviews & Ratings: 1351 (3.9/5)
Warranty: 3 year

Well there is a reason why we are here today searching for best rowing machine under 500 dollars and why exercisers are willing to expend up to 500 dollars for a rowing machine at first place, the reason is the numerous advantages that air rover offers. So lets understand why rowing machine is a great equipment be it for regular gym or your home gym.

Benefits of Rowing

  • Whole-body Workout – Rowing Machines do not just focus on the upper body or lower body, it works on the whole body. It works on several muscles like hip muscles, arm muscles, upper back muscles, midsection muscles, and leg muscles.

Needless to say, this is one major benefit of working on a rowing machine. 

On the upper body primarily works on shoulders, back and arms, therefore, it has its positive effects on shoulders and back and hence it provides relief from back pain, improves shoulder and also improves arm strength.

It also helps in gaining muscle strength in the lower body and helps in gaining flexibility as well.

  • Low Impact – Even though it works on the whole body and indulge each and every muscle it could it is a low impact exercise. In simple words, if you suffer from joint or any kind of muscular pain rowing machine won’t cause any harm to you since it won’t exert any stress to the joints.
  • Weight loss – Undoubtedly this machine provides a great workout for losing weight. Rowing machine workouts are a lot more efficient than many other gym machines and can help in losing a lot of calories.

Even an hour of rowing every day can help you in weight loss a lot so it is definitely a great calorie burning machine.

  • Increased stamina and strength – Rowing machine workouts not only increase your stamina and endurance but also improves muscular strength alongside improving metabolism.

It might be exhausting at first but if done regularly it increases endurance a lot. It is one exercise with several benefits.

Increased stamina and strength – Rowing machine workouts not only increase your stamina and endurance but also improves muscular strength alongside improving metabolism.

It might be exhausting at first but if done regularly it increases endurance a lot. It is one exercise with several benefits.

  • Convenient – Water rowing is a very beneficial exercise but the problem is that is not that easily accessible and is not that convenient plus it is a great risk to perform this activity if you are a novice but that is not the case with air rowing.

In this you are simply stimulating the actions of water rowing, it is like rowing in the air so you do get all the benefits of water rowing in a lot more convenient way.

  • Affordable – With so many benefits one question that would hit everybody’s mind is the cost. But here is the good news, even though it serves with several benefits it is actually quite affordable especially when compared to one of the most demanded gym machine treadmills, elliptical, etc. and you can actually get the best rowing machines under a budget of 500$ which is not even the starting range of may gym machines.

There is no doubt that the rowing machine is a great investment but with endless options that are available in the market, the question that arises is which one to buy. So let’s start our hunt for the Best Rowing Machine under $500.

Body XTREME Fitness Body Sculpture 1500 S

Body XTREME Fitness Body Sculpture 1500 S is a very popular rowing machine that is highly rated and most reviewed rowing machine.

Best Rowing Machine under 500 Dollars
CC: Amazon
  • Body: It is a heavy-duty rowing machine and is an extremely durable and solid product. This rowing machine can handle weight up to 250 lbs which when converted into kgs is around 113 kgs. Body XTREME 1500 S is a very compact rowing machine it can be very easily folded when not in use thus it does not cover the space unnecessarily.
    It is extremely lightweight and is very portable. There are two color combination options available for this product one is red and black which gives a very sporty look and the other one is blue and silver which gives a very classy look.
  • Design: It ensures that your feet stay on its place by providing paddle toe strap which might be small addition is quite important, this toe strap also gives support to leg thrust. It also has non- slip handles, these handles are well padded to provide comfort and safety to the user.
    Its ergonomic design takes care of your comfort and helps in burning more and more calories and fat since it lets you work out for a longer period.
  • Resistance: It is equipped with the 16lb magnetic system this magnetic system adds resistance to the machine this resistance can be adjusted very easily according to the requirements and preferred difficulty level through the dial that is placed on the center.
  • Monitor: It has a large display monitor which indicates all the necessary data that includes count, time, scan, and calories.

Body XTREME Fitness Body Sculpture 1500 S might not be the best choice for the gym but is definitely a good choice for a home gym, it is a well built heavy-duty machine which comes at a very affordable price.

XTERRA Fitness ERG600W

XTERRA Fitness ERG600W is a water-based rowing machine, this rowing machine works with fluid and as said by XTERRA Fitness it has got zen-like water movement sound which is very soothing and meditative and gives a feel like rowing a boat in the water.

Best Rowing Machine under 500 Dollars
CC: Amazon
  • Body: The construction of XTERRA Fitness ERG600W even though it is very lightweight and made of aluminum it is very durable and sturdy. The frame is very sturdy and high built and can handle weight up to 300 lbs.
  • Design: It has flex pedals, these pedals flex with every movement these flex pedals can be adjusted very easily since these pedals have velcro attached to them. Rowing handle is very comfortable due to its ergonomic design and highly contoured and padded for convenience. The seat is also made of high-density foam to add to its comfort.
  • Resistance: Being water-based means to add or subtract resistance one has to add or remove water from its water tank which does add to the task. The resistance is quite dynamic with 6 water levels, 6 water levels mean 6 resistance level so lesser the water level lesser is the resistance, the higher the water level higher is the resistance. XTERRA multi-bladed impeller creates smooth and uniform strokes.
  • Monitor: The console comes with a 5.5 LCD display its height and angle are easily adjustable because of its tilt mount with long arms. This display indicates strokes, time, calories, date, room temperature, clock, distance, time/500, SPM that is strokes per minute, and calendar. However, one complaint regarding the display is that it is not backlit.

This product is a great home gym machine however it is not enough for people requiring athlete like work out because of it limited resistance power, even though it has got 6 levels resistance it might fall short for people who prefer extreme workout.

XTERRA Fitness ERG600W is not a foldable rowing machine but it can be stored vertically without removing water from its water tank.

Update: This model is not available right now, you can check the upgraded model of this machine.


JOROTO MR30 is another rowing machine for home use. It is a mid-range magnetic resistance rowing machine and lacks air resistance elements, thus it does not produce much noise and works very smoothly.

best rowing machine under $500
CC: Amazon
  • Body: It comes with a weight capacity of 265 lbs which when converted in kgs is 120kg. Its frame is constructed of aluminum, steel, and durable ABS parts. It comes in white color which is the only color option available for MR30 the black variant is available for MR30S. The body is foldable so it can be folded and can be held in an upright manner whenever not in use and will not acquire unnecessary space along with being foldable it also has wheels on its front that makes it very portable.
  • Design: To add to its comfort its seat has a layer of padding which makes it an ergonomic design. Its footrest is kept at an angle of 45 degrees to provide comfort and is large in size. Being anti-slip it provides stability during the workout and has adjustable straps. Its handles are designed in a way to deliver maximum comfort it a straight bar that consists of rubber foam grip and is connected to a nylon mesh strap that helps in smooth working.
  • Resistance: It has 16 levels of adjustable resistance which is a lot for a rowing machine that comes at such an affordable price. One noticeable feature is that it adds and subtracts resistance automatically, this is a rare feature even in the high-end models.
  • Monitor: Its monitor provides all necessary information like distance, total strokes, strokes per meter(SPM), time, time/500, calories burned, heart rate and tracks activity, this monitor is backlit and is blue in color. The chest strap is not provided with the machine for heart rate data chest strap that has to be bought separately. It comes with 16 preset programs, one can also add custom programs too.

This product is definitely worth considering if your aim is to focus on the whole body.

ProGear 750 Rower

best rowing machine under $500
CC: Amazon

Progear’s only rowing machine 750 Rower is a well thought of a machine that three different position for rowing.

  • Body: It comes with adjustable length to facilitate people with different heights. The whole body is made up of steel which makes this rower machine a bit heavy but this added weight provides stability to the machine. It allows weight up to 220 lbs which are around 99.7 kgs this weight capacity is quite less if compared to other rowing machines but being a hydraulic resistance machine that is not too bad.
  • Design: It comes with well-cushioned seat and backrest which makes it very comfortable, the cushioning is 1.8 inches thick, this product is known for its ergonomic design. The footrest is made of high-quality nylon material, the footrest angle can be changed along with the movement. The footrest is quite large to accommodate all sizes and is anti-slip so it keeps foot intact and at its place, it also has foot straps to secure the position of the foot.
  • Resistance: ProGear 750 Rower is equipped with hydraulic resistance, each oar has its own cylinders which help them to work independently, these independently adjustable hydraulic cylinders ensure tension resistance but the hydraulic resistance comes with a disadvantage that it can not provide a dynamic response, this is not a great option for athletes since they require a highly dynamic response. It comes with three levels of resistance and resistance of each arm can be adjusted individually which is a great feature of ProGear 750 Rower.
  • Monitor: ProGear 750 Rower Sole features an LCD display which indicates count, time, calories burnt, etc. However ProGear 750 Rower does not provide built-in preset programs, it does not support heart rate monitoring too thus it does lack majorly in this area. It also has a small accessories tray.

One big advantage of ProGear 750 Rower is the additional exercises it serves for arm, chest, and abs. Alongside rowing it is also known for bent over rows, shoulder presses, pull-downs, Ab rolling, pec fly.

So ProGear 750 Rower is a great multi-exercise machine capable of providing more than just rowing benefits.

Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Another Hydraulic rowing machine that is making to this list of best rowing machines under 500 is the Harvil Hydraulic rowing machine.

As explained earlier hydraulic resistance machines do not work with air like air resistance rowers or with a fluid like water resistance rowers, instead, it uses hydraulic pumps that provide resistance to these rowers.

best water rowing machine under 500
CC: Amazon
  • Body: This hydraulic rower is constructed of a steel frame which means it is quite sturdy and strong. This steel body is capable of handling weight up to 25 lbs which is 113kgs this is a fine number for a hydraulic rowing machine.

    This rower machine can even work in the smallest of the smallest area because its extremely compact design and can be stored easily because of its foldable body and because it is foldable it occupies a very little amount of space. It has foldable arms so it also saves the space that open arms would have covered otherwise this makes Harvil hydraulic one of the best foldable rowing machines.
  • Design: It comes with large 11 inches pivoting, supports anti-slip footrests, and comes with adjustable foot straps, however, foot straps might be a bit uncomfortable. It has well-padded seat to provide comfort while working out and is a sliding seat, folding arms helps in providing a full range of motion for the upper body. One drawback of the Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine is that it does not have an accessory tray or bottle holder.
  • Resistance: Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine is capable of providing difficult workouts and the resistance is totally adjustable, one can increase or decrease the resistance simply by turning the knob present on the hydraulic piston which is not something that is always found in a hydraulic rowing machine, however it offers only 1 piston.
  • Monitor: The console is an LCD display monitor, it displays information like calories burned, row counts, and tracks time.

Harvil Hydraulic Rowing machine offers a full-body workout and solid cardio that works on different muscle groups at a very reasonable price but is mostly designed for people with short height and who weighs less than 25 lbs.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050

This is one of the best-known rowing machines available in the market. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 is a highly rated rower and we totally understand why.

best water rowing machine under 500
CC: Amazon
  • Body: The outer frame of its surface is made of steel and aluminum core beam, this is a very sturdy machine and is known for its durability. The maximum capacity that Stamina Body Trac Glider offers is 250 lbs which when converted into kg is about 113 kgs.

This machine is perfect for small spaces since it does not acquire much space and this is a perfect choice for home gym purpose, it is only of 2 feet by 4 which is a clear indicator that this rowing machine can fit anywhere.

It is very easy to assemble all parts of Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 and assembling takes no time as compared to many other rowing machines and the body is foldable so it can be easily stored without occupying much space.

  • Design: The seat is comfortable, oversized and well padded same goes with the handle which is well padded for exerciser’s convenience. Its footplates are textured and come with straps this keeps feet secure at its place.
  • Resistance: Its hydraulic shock provides adjustable resistance, resistance can be manually controlled through knobs. So one can choose the resistance level accordingly and can set it manually through the knob which placed very strategically so that the user can change the resistance without breaking the flow.

There are a total of 12 resistance levels offered. It stimulates the exact movement that happens while rowing a boat.

  • Monitor: It comes with a monitor that indicates all the required data like distance covered, strokes count, total calories burned and other vital information.

This rowing machine is a great option when we talk about the top 10 rowing machine under 500 dollars. It is a well-built rower and delivers all the necessary requirements that we expect from a rowing machine and at this price, it is definitely an option to be considered.

Sunny Health and Fitness Water Rowing Machine SFRW5713

This model is undoubtedly one of the best rowing machines that Sunny Health and Fitness has ever introduced in the market. Be it its price, its aesthetics its operation or anything this machine gives its best.

best water rowing machine under 500
CC: Amazon
  • Body: Sunny Health and Fitness SFRW5713 is a well-built rowing machine which is way better than normal magnetic resistance rowing machine.

It is a well-built rowing machine with superior construction. Being a water-resistant rowing machine it comes with a water tank that stores water.

It has wheels on its front to make it easily portable and it can be kept upright when not in use to save the space.

The rear base comes with two adjustable stabilizers and the front base has rubber pads on the bottom that provides a good grip to the machine.

The maximum weight that this machine can handle is 250 lbs which are 113.3 kgs, this is the decent weight capacity.

  • Design: Its seat takes care that it does not strain exercisers back is well padded being an ergonomic design, it also has a good grip to avoid sliding of the user while doing work out.
    The pedals have pivoting design and come with nylon foot straps along with that pedals are textured to provide good grip. The handlebar has rubber grips but lacks heart sensors which means if you want to know your heart rate while you work out you will have to buy it separately.
  • Resistance: The water tank comes with three solid hydro blades, these hydro blades ensures dynamic motion. Since it is a water-based rowing machine it even produces a sound that seems as if one is rowing in the water itself. The resistance can be adjusted accordingly just by changing the quantity of water.
  • Monitor: The console is an LCD display monitor and indicates data like time, distance, strokes, strokes per meter, pulse and calories along with these data it also displays basic information like calendar, temperature, and clock as well. It has two major workout modes that are manual and race.

Race mode comes with 15 levels of resistance on the other hand manual mode comes with two options, one in which it simply records the data and second in which target can be set and will display data accordingly.

Sunny health and fitness SFRW5713 provides a proper workout to the body without any impacts.

Body XTREME Fitness Turbo 2000

Another Body XTREME Fitness rowing machine that is making to this list of best rowing machine under 500 is the Body XTREME Fitness Turbo 2000.

This is a magnetic resistance based rowing machine and is an extremely affordable rowing machine. It is an ultimate heavy duty machine which is suitable for home use, office use or any other personal use.

best water rowing machine under 500
CC: Amazon
  • Body: It supports 250 lbs weight which is 133 kgs which is fine for a rowing machine. The frame is made of aluminum, this frame is corrosion resistance and comes with few ABS parts. The body of this machine is a bit large but since it comes with a foldable frame it can be stored easily without taking much space as it occupies minimal area after being folded.
  • Design: The seat is quite large and is well contoured and cushioned that provides maximum comfort to the user. Handlebars consist of rubber grips for comfort and the footrests are quite large with pivoting design and are made of ABS material. Two good things are that it comes with a bottle holder and a workout towel is included with the machine.
  • Resistance: This machine offers 8 levels of resistance, the level of resistance can be adjusted manually. This rowing machine is not for a high-intensity workout, it is good for muscle toning and for average intensity workout and is a great machine for cardio. One drawback of being a magnetic rowing machine is that it is not dynamic thus it will not change the resistance according to your speed. This machine provides a better workout for leg muscles and covers recovery motion quicker, this is possible because of 15-degree inclination it comes with.
  • Monitor: Its monitor has an LCD display but the display is not backlit, it tracks time, the total number of strokes, strokes per minute and total calories burned.

Two complaints about this machine are that it does not support the pulse sensor and the other is that it does not come with inbuilt workout programs.

Stamina ATS Air Rower

Last but not the least, the rowing machine that is making into our best rowing machine under 500 list is Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399.

This machine gives ultimate rowing machine workouts and never stays behind in any rowing machine reviews and yet again it has managed to enter the list of best rowing machine under 500 dollars and its performance totally justifies why.

best budget treadmill under $500
CC: Amazon
  • Body: Its body is constructed of steel that certainly makes the machine very durable and the flywheel is made up of plastic material. The body is very compact and small hence it can fit into small spaces without any problem. aIts body has a foldable design and can be considered one of the best foldable rowing machines under this rate, foldable design helps in storing this machine easily without occupying much space.

On the bottom, it has floor protectors to ensure that the machine does not cause any damage to the floor. It also comes with wheels on the bottom that facilitates the movement of the machine.

Assembling is quite easy and does not take much time. The weight capacity of this rowing machine is 250 lbs like most of the rowing machines that have made into this list of best rowing machine under 500 (250 lbs is 113.3 in kgs).

  • Design: It comes with an inclination of 15 degrees, this inclination helps in targeting leg muscle. It comes with a well-padded seat which is quite comfortable, it is a sliding seat and slides very smoothly. The footrest is oversized and very comfortable, the angle of the footrest can be changed and comes with a strap.
  • Resistance: This rowing machine is an air resistance machine thus it has a flywheel. It gives a dynamic response which means higher is your speed of pulling higher will be the resistance and if the speed is low the resistance will also below.
    But one disadvantage is that it comes with only 1 resistance setting because there are no damper settings so its resistance adjustment is totally manual.
  • Monitor: The monitor is a bit small in size and displays necessary information in a rotation format which means the data is displayed one by one on the screen, the data it displays is the distance, time, speed, and total calories burned. The data is not measured using the metric system.

One complaint with this rowing machine is that it does produce some noise which might be disturbing. But overall, it is a great option as a home rowing machine.

So these were our top 10 rowing machine that made to our list of Best Rowing Machine under 500 dollars.

These machines are known for serving great performance at an exceptional rate and delivers several benefits and that is why they manage to top rowing machine reviews.

Being priced under 500 dollars these rowing machines are quite affordable and fulfill the necessary requirements and give best possible results.

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