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Body Solid Leverage Gym Review: Is it worth the Price?

Body Solid Leverage Gym Review

Body Solid Leverage Gym Review: If you are looking for commercial gym equipment and want a quality product that is extremely durable and stays with you for years body-solid is an option that you must consider. And we are here to give you enough reasons why we call it an option worth your hard-earned bucks. 

Firstly with this equipment, you can actually work with weights instead of its alternatives like bands or glide boards, etc, being free weights it lets you challenge yourself to another level. 

It is great gym equipment and certainly has a lot of benefits that can help you reach your desired goal. It is a multi-station home gym and its versatility cannot be questioned at all.

If you really want a universal workout machine and that is what has brought you here for body solid leverage gym review I can proudly say that you are going in the right direction. This leverage gym machine gives you all that you want.

Body Solid Leverage Gym Review

Before starting the Body Solid Leverage Gym Review let us first know the most basic yet important information that is its dimensions. It comes in 4 package dimensions; here is the list of all the 4 with their length, width, height, volume, and Gross weight.

DimensionsLength Width Height Volume Gross weight 
Assembled dimensions  107 inches (2717.80 mm) 126 inches (3,200.40 mm) 83 inches (2,108.20 mm) - -
Package 1 dimensions  52.56 inches (1,335.02 mm) 16.54 inches (420.12 mm) 10.24 inches (260.10 mm) 5.15 ft3 (0.15 m3) 111.10 lb (50.39 kg)
Package 2 dimensions  52.95 inches (1,344.93 mm) 20.28 inches (515.11 mm) 7.09 inches (180.09 mm) 4.41 ft3 (0.12 m3) 107.80 lb (48.90 kg)
Package 3 dimensions 37.20 inches (944.88 mm) 34.84 inches (884.94 mm) 7.28 inches (184.91 mm) 5.46 ft3 inches (0.15 m3) 103.40 lb (46.90 kg)
Package 4 dimensions  64.76 inches (1,622.90 mm) 21.06 inches (534.92 mm) 7.09 inches (180.09 mm) 5.60 ft3 (0.15 m3) 126.70 lb (57.47 kg)



The body is of high built quality, it is a sturdy and strong 11 gauge steel frame. Its durability cannot be doubted since it is manufactured by Body-Solid which is known for its quality products. 

Body solid SBL460P4 body basically consists of three major components that are PowerLift, LSA50 Squat Attachment, and FID46 Bench. 

Its huge body has all its sides well welded. The whole body is made of high tensile steel tubing of 11 gauge steel and has reinforcement plates.

And to assure its rich look the metal body parts are coated with an anti-corrosion paint, this corrosion-resistant paint is electrostatically applied powder coat which means along with being resistant to corrosion, it is also resistant to chipping and scratching too. So, you need not worry about the frame at all. 


Body-Solid Leverage Gym features commercial-grade pillow and sealed ball bearing, this sealed ball bearing ensures smooth and fluid movement. It provides precision movement and friction-free functioning to avoid any hindrance during a workout. The handless follow a pivot movement.

This leverage gym machine is padded with high-quality DuraFirm pads, these DuraFirm pads are extremely comfortable, do not get damaged by scratches, are sweat-resistant and are extra thick for maximum comfort, these are the best foam that is available in the market and body solid has guaranteed that their pads will never bottom out. Well, that is a statement and considering it comes from Body-Solid, we can totally believe it.


Since it is free weight machine it does not comes with a fixed weight stack. The pegs are 2 inches thick made only for Olympic weight plates, this also means you cannot use the standard 1 inch thick plates. It comes with an impressive spotting system too. 

There are safety guards at every station, these safety guards help in preventing the user from getting pinned down under heavy weights, therefore, it helps to max out without any spotter. This is to ensure the safety of the user. Body-Solid definitely knows how to earn those bonus points.

Body focus

There are a total of 3 body focuses that are calves (the lower leg muscles), lats and shoulders.
With these body focuses there are several exercises that can be seamlessly performed using this Body Solid Leverage Gym

The list of the exercises it supports seems to have no end, you can go on and on and on yet you will not be able to state all the benefits that this beast has to offer. As mentioned by body solid there are around 40+ exercises that can be performed with this one of the Best Leverage Gym equipment.


Body solid warrants the light commercial warranty and the in-home warranty.

For light commercial warranty the frame and welds have a lifetime warranty;  pulleys, bushing, bearings, hardware, plates and guide rods come with a warranty of 3 years; cables, upholstery, and grips come with a warranty of up to 1 year.

Then comes the in-home warranty in this warranty frame and welds, pulleys, bushings, bearings, hardware, plates, and guide rods and cables, upholstery, and grips come with a lifetime warranty. So if you want to buy it for in-home use, body solid is totally backing you up for any mishap.

Body Solid L­everage Gym Exercises

If you are willing to buy any leverage machines the first and foremost thing you would want to know if it is worth the money you are spending. And how do you find that? 

Through its quality, its features and how versatile it is. Here we will be talking about the versatility of this leverage gym machine. 

SBL460P4 caters more than 40 plus exercises, which means it has plenty of exercises to offer so you can choose to target any muscles according to the preference and simply set this universal weight machine and start without any second thought.

Some of the major exercises that it can be performed using this gym machine are here in the Body Solid SBL460P4 exercise chart.

body solid sbl460p4 exercise chart

If you can't see all the exercises then you can download the PDF file of this image by clicking on the image.

  • Bench press
  • Incline press
  • Decline press
  • Pec fly
  • Incline pec fly
  • Decline pec fly
  • One arm row
  • Bent over row
  • Chest-supported mid row
  • High row
  • Upright row
  • Converging chest press
  • Converging inclined press
  • Converging decline press
  • Reverse preacher curl
  • Incline biceps curl
  • Converging shoulder press
  •  Pullover 
  • Crossover
  • Frontal lat pulldown
  • Lat pulldown
  • Shrugs
  • Standing military press
  • Standing shoulder press
  • Seated shoulder press
  • Seated military press
  • Incline front delt raise
  • Reverse delt fly
  • Standing biceps curls
  • Standing reverse curl
  • Preacher curl
  • Front wrist curl

These are some of the several exercises that this Body Solid Free Weight Leverage Gym caters to its users. Yes, this is not the end of the list. This obviously indicates that SBL460p4 is not a waste of money but a worthy investment that will cater every part of your body.

All these exercises are possible because of the numerous training stations and attachments that come with this leverage gym which helps in focusing every possible area and muscles.

Since the workout stations and attachments are the most crucial part of any leverage gym equipment in our Body Solid Leverage Gym review we will talk in detail about it.

Body-Solid Free-Weight Leverage Gym with Squat Attachment and Olympic Leverage Flat Incline...
16 Reviews
Body-Solid Free-Weight Leverage Gym with Squat Attachment and Olympic Leverage Flat Incline...
  • Comprehensive home gym offers over 40 unique exercises
  • Replicate free weight exercises in total safety
  • Each station adjusts to fit for size and proper positioning
  • Safety guards at every station prevent pinning under heavy weight and allow you to max out without a spotter

Body Solid Leverage Gym Stations

Body-Solid Leverage GYM comes with multiple stations; these stations are completely adjustable so one can easily set the station according to the requirement for better positioning. The whole experience is extremely smooth and fluid because of the high-grade ball bearings that are attached on the joints of the press and the pull-down station of this universal weight machine.

Press Station

This station is mostly for chest press however that is not the only thing it can do, press station offers a wide range of exercises other than chest press like shrugs, pec fly, and upright rows.

There are handles that support pivoting movement and weight are to be loaded on the pegs that are on both sides. The handles have an ergonomic design to offers a continuous smooth motion because it allows natural body movement.

These handlebars are detachable so it is completely up to the exerciser what area he wants to target and can make the changes accordingly.

Curl Station

body solid sbl460p4 exercise chart

CC: Amazon

Body-solid leverage gym comes with a separate Curl station that helps you to target the biceps and work on it. Body solid has also taken utmost care of comfort and added proper cushioning and padding for the triceps, these large elbow pads safeguard the elbows.

Squat and Calf Station

Body-Solid SBL460P4 includes a hack squat and calf raise station. This station works on strengthening the legs. The plate for foot placement has a degree of incline which not only let you perform leverage squat but also leverage calf raises.  

FID46 Weights Bench

This free weight leverage gym machine comes with an adjustable, high-quality bench. Because of its adjustability, it caters several workout options since it can be positioned on an incline, decline and flat manner according to the muscle one wants to work on. 

It has Body solid well known DuraFirm padding for extra comfort, this padding is resistant to scratch and sweat too. 

One can combine the bench with squat and calf station and can perform a full lower body workout since this bench has another attachment that is a leg developer for leg curls and leg extensions. This leg developer has an ergonomic design and takes care of your comfort too which rollers that are foamed.

Lat Pulldown Station

Body Solid Leverage Gym Review

CC: Amazon

It includes a lat pulldown station that can be locked to provide a focused workout for the back portion. The handles have a rubber cover so it doesn’t slip out of your hand and provides a strong grip. 

The movement of this high lever arm is pivoting which means just like the press station, lat pulldown station too follows the flow of natural body movement.

It again is equipped with DuraFirm upholstery to ensure maximum comfort throughout the workout. Rollers are added to the seat of lat pulldown station, the user can fix his feet on the rollers while pulling to ensure he stays at the place while pulling the weights.

Mid-pulley Station

If you choose to work on your abs, this universal workout machine is going to help you in that too. Since it comes with the mid-pulley station this leverage machine lets you target your core too.

So this Body Solid Leverage Gym review is definitely in favor of body solid free weight leverage gym till now. However, we cannot come to the conclusion of body solid leverage gym review without acknowledging the pros and the cons of this free weight leverage gym machine. 

To get a fair view of this Body Solid Leverage Gym review so let’s address the positives and negatives of this leverage machine.


  • Excellent Quality: There is no doubt that this product has an extremely high built quality. Body solid SBL460p4 lives up to the expectations when it comes to its quality, with the reinforcement plates it is certainly one of the strongest frames in its class.
  • Pivoting handles and Ergonomic Design: SBL460P4 supports pivoting handles, these handles ensure that the movement is not forced but natural and does not exert any extra pressure on joints or muscles.
    Body-Solid has taken care of comfort as much as it could. All the required areas are well cushioned and padded with high-quality foam. Machines are completely adjustable that a person can position according to the requirement. So body solid has not compromised on the comfort aspect.
  • DuraFirm padding: It comes with body solid DuraFirm padding. DuraFirm padding is tear-resistant, extra-thick and ultra-comfortable. The foam is the highest density foam available in the industry to ensure quality like no other.  
  • Warranty: It comes with a lifetime warranty which is an indication of its high build quality. However, if it fails at any point of time this lifetime warranty is for the rescue.
  • Exercise options: There are more than 40+ exercise options that this Body solid SBL460p4 leverage machine supports; this is why we call it a universal weight machine. It focuses on legs, arms, back, and abs thus providing a full-body workout. 


  • Expensive: Let us admit the fact that this is not an affordable body leverage gym machine option to go for. It costs a lot, which means you have to dig in your pockets to get it home.
  • Hard to assemble: With so many parts and stations, it becomes quite hard to assemble all its components and takes a lot of time and effort one might need a second hand while assembling this machine.
  • Takes space: The machine takes a lot of space, it takes 126-inch x 107-inch space after being assembled and is 83 inch in height so if you want to get it home ensure that there is enough space or you will have to drop the idea of buying it. Not to forget its large frame adds to its weight, this leverage gym machine is fairly heavy making its transportation a bit hard.
  • Preacher curl: There are few problems with the preacher curler; first and foremost the handle of preacher curl does not rotate. The second problem is with the seat of the preacher curl, its seat can get in the way while using high-level arm while doing pull-ups.
  • Only supports Olympic weight plates: As we mentioned earlier one problem of SBL460P4 that must be addressed is the fact that it only supports the Olympic weight plates that are 2 inches thick. With the pegs that only support Olympic weight plates, it is not possible to use standard 1 inch thick plates since they will not fit into that space.


So this Body Solid Leverage Gym Review has come to an end and we are concluding this Body Solid Leverage Gym Review in favor of Body-Solid SBL460p4 and there is no doubt on that. This body solid leverage gym machine is a dream come true for every fitness freak. It is packed with every possible requirement of someone who wants to work on his whole body. If you want to gain whole-body strength and muscle mass SBL460P4 is one of the best choices to go for. 

It fulfills all the purpose because it is all in one package. It might not be an affordable option but it justifies its pricing totally, from its high built quality that cannot be matched by any other product to its ergonomic design everything stands in the support of this beast.

This body solid leverage gym lives up to the name and expectation that we hold from body solid products. And on the top of that, you do not have to worry about any damage lifelong since it comes with an astonishing lifetime warranty, this certainly proves how confident body solid is about its product and its performance. 

However, the one big problem can be its size, even though it only takes the much-required space it can cause a problem for someone who does not have enough space for such a huge leverage gym machine. If space is not a problem for you this is one of the best leverage gym available in the market to go for. 

All in all, with this Body Solid Leverage Gym Review it is clear that this leverage machine is the best in its class and works like a beast. Body-Solid has taken care of every aspect possible that a customer asks for.

Its key features like its strong and sturdy frame, commercial-grade pillow block and sealed ball bearing, safety guards at every station, tough and durable powder coat finish and DuraFirm padding steal the case from any other gym machine that could stand against this beast.

Body-Solid Free-Weight Leverage Gym with Squat Attachment and Olympic Leverage Flat Incline...
16 Reviews
Body-Solid Free-Weight Leverage Gym with Squat Attachment and Olympic Leverage Flat Incline...
  • Comprehensive home gym offers over 40 unique exercises
  • Replicate free weight exercises in total safety
  • Each station adjusts to fit for size and proper positioning
  • Safety guards at every station prevent pinning under heavy weight and allow you to max out without a spotter

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  • Tracks Activity

Treadmills track the activity, it comes with a display which shows all the crucial data which helps in tracking the progress and setting goals accordingly,so one can easily keep a check on the improvements by simply comparing the data.

  • Weight loss

This machine provides great workout for losing weight, with high intensity running one can easily notice some improvements in few weeks only. Dedicated training even for half an hour can make you lose several calories.

  • Low Impact

The impact of running on a treadmill is far more less than running on a normal surface. Low impact means it does not cause much pain or damage joints or muscles as compared to the conventional running.

It also comes with cushioning which makes the experience a lot smoother and does not exert much stress.

  • Effective cardio exercise

Working on a treadmill helps in improving heart health too which is not a surprise since it provides a great cardiovascular and aerobics training which in turn helps in improving heart health.

It pumps up heart and raises the breathing volume, with the increased breath volume body intakes more oxygen, this helps in strengthening heart. This helps in improving endurance, boosting stamina and weight loss.

  • Boost Stamina

Since it is an effective cardiovascular and aerobics exercise, it is extremely helpful in boosting up stamina and strength. With regular use of treadmill one can actually notice improvements in endurance and stamina.

  • Convenient

Another big advantage of treadmill is it is an indoor machine, and as we discussed earlier since it is an indoor machine one does not have to worry about weather, it is easy to store as well so it can be included in your home if it is hard for you to dedicate a time to your gym session.

So with all these benefits it is totally reasonable to invest in treadmills.

Nordictrack C800 Alternatives

Nordictrack C 800 Review

Nordictrack C 800 Review

Nordictrack is a private company that was founded in 1975 by Edward Pauls, its headquarters is in Logan, Utah, United States and is owned by Icon Health & Fitness. NordicTrack first entered in the market of exercise equipment with its classic Nordic ski machine and has made its place as a manufacturer ever since then and today it is a multinational company.

NordicTrack is a well-known brand for treadmills and is acknowledged for its affordability. It sells training machines like treadmills, incline trainers, elliptical, bikes, rower, and other strength-based training equipment. With its products in different price range

NordicTrack makes sure it caters all the sections with its product, it has entry-level products that provide all the basic requirements at a very minimal rate and has highly-priced, extremely sturdy and well-built product too.

Nordictrack has a wide variety of options available that accommodate every budget and fitness level. One can choose according to the preference and requirement and none of its product would disappoint.

This brings us here for Nordictrack C800 Review, NordicTrack C800 is a very well known treadmill that comes at an incredibly low price. In Nordictrack C 800 Treadmill Review we will talk about the specifications of the treadmill, its features, its pros and cons and is it worth buying or not.


  • Length: 78.3 in (198.882 cm)
  • Width: 35.75 in (90.805 cm)
  • Height: 56.4 in (143.256)
  • Product Weight: 215 lbs ( 97.522 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 325 lbs (147.418 kg)


  • Speed: 1 to 12 mph
  • Incline: 0-12%
  • Belt Size: 20 in x60 in
  • Cushioning: Yes
  • Wifi compatibility: Yes
  • iFit Technology compatible: Yes
  • USB: No
  • Integrated TV: No
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes ( compatible with pulse grips and chest straps)
  • Internet: No
  • Console Display: 6 inches
  • Console Display Type: LED ( Backlit Display)
  • Fan: Yes (built in)
  • Programs: Yes (24 in-built programs)
  • Sound system: Yes (mp3 compatible)
  • Inclusive of chest strap: No ( sold separately)
  • Motor: 2.75 chp
  • Color options: Black and silver


  • Frame: Lifetime warranty
  • Motor: Lifetime warranty
  • Parts: 2 year warranty
  • Labor: 1 year warranty

It has been several since this product was first launched and brought to the market but it still manages to secure its place this ever-changing environment of demands, that is the reason why we are doing a Nordictrack C 800 Review in 2019. It is affordable and gives the best possible features in this range without any doubt.

NordicTrack C800 comes with a large frame which is the plus point since many people do prefer a treadmill that has a large frame to run on, since it gives a plenty of space however it has somewhere costed its quality, there is a certain decrease in the component quality in order to maintain a low price. Since the tread belt is quite long it is suitable for people who are taller.

NordicTrack C800 comes with 12% incline which 2% more than its predecessor NordicTrack C700. Nordictrack C800 motor is 2.75 CHP motor. This treadmill supports weight up to 325 lbs that are 147.418 when converted into kgs, this weight capacity is quite adequate.

NordicTrack C 700 Treadmill
81 Reviews
NordicTrack C 700 Treadmill
  • Go to ifit.com/activate to redeem your one month iFit membership and activate your equipment for unlimited workout programs and experiences
  • Multi-window LED display, iFit coach ready, integrated tablet holder, auto breeze fan, 20 workout apps, auxiliary music port
  • Flex Select cushioning, space saver design with easy lift assist, entertainment options, digital incline control
  • 2.75 chip motor, 22" x 55 " tread belt, 1.9" roller, heart RATE monitor. Take the deck up to 10 percent incline with just the touch of a button


The platform is well cushioned and since it has Flex Select cushioning the cushioning can be turned on and off according to the preference of the user. If you prefer to walk/jog/run on a smooth cushiony surface you can turn on the cushioning however if you wish to walk on a rigid strong surface you can choose to turn the cushioning off, it is totally adjustable.

With cushioning turned on the impact on joints is less and does not exert much pressure on joints or muscles so if a person is suffering from some injury or suffers from joint pains he can choose to turn on the cushioning. 

It is also compatible to IFit technology if you are wondering what it is, iFit is basically a health-tracking standard, and with iFit technology, one can bring all fitness activities of the home, gym or any outdoor activity in a device. It comes with maps, visualization, and workouts.

Since NordicTrack c 800 is equipped with iFit technology it comes with Google maps that give running routes which imitate different terrains of several trails.


NordicTrack is a foldable treadmill machine which can be held in an upright position thus it can be stored very easily. It folds and unfolds itself within seconds without requiring many efforts so you can save your energy for later.

Folding and unfolding are quite smooth so one doesn’t have to worry. Since it is foldable it can save a lot of space and its transportation becomes quite easy. It supports SpaceSaver Design with EasyLift Assist.


Nordictrack comes with a total of 24 built-in programs. These preset workout programs work well and are heart rate specific programs. With these 24 built-in programs, one can easily choose any activity according to the requirement.

The monitor is 6 inches LED display and is back lit display; the display is very sharp and crisp and is easily readable for the exerciser. The console is quite basic but it does its work.

It displays all the basic data such as speed, time, calories burned, distance covered and heart rate. It comes with one-touch adjustment, so you can bring down the treadmill from running mode to walking mode very smoothly just by a single button.

There are one-touch buttons to adjust the incline and intensity; these buttons make this treadmill very easy to use even for the first-timers

Heart rate monitoring is compatible however one has to buy pulse grips and chest straps separately since these are not included with the treadmill. It supports dual grip heart rate sensors.

Accessories and Additional Feature

It comes with a cooling fan that assures some cooling effect while you are working out, this cooling fan can be adjusted both automatically and manually. It also supports tablet holder so you can enjoy your favorite series while working out, that’s not the best way of watching series but NordicTrack C 800 allows you to do so. Mp3 compatible music port and integrated speakers take care of your entertainment while you workout.


Talking about warranty it comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and the motor, Nordictrack C800 parts come with a warranty of up to 2 years and labor has a warranty of up to 1 year which is good enough.

Hence it is clear that NordicTrack C800 is a great, feature-packed treadmill at an affordable price,

Nordictrack C800 Reviews won’t be complete if we don’t talk about the PROs and CONs of this treadmill. So let’s start with the positives of this treadmill.


  • Affordable: NordicTrack C800 is an entry-level treadmill; it comes at a very affordable price. So you do not have to dig your pocket much if you wish to get this home.
  • Large Frame Size: Since it has a very large frame size it is a perfect option for those who are tall and wish to buy an affordable treadmill.
  • Foldable: If you think NordicTrack is going to take a lot of space because of its large frame size then you are wrong, with its SpaceSaver design it can be held in an upright manner. So whenever you are not using your NordicTrack C800 you can simply fold it and it won’t unnecessarily cover the space.
  • iFit Technology: With iFit Technology, it stimulates different types of terrains for immersive road workouts. Since it is iFit Live compatible, exerciser download several workout programs online and track their workout.
  • Accessories: Even though it’s an entry-level treadmill it does not compromise on accessories like water bottle holder, tablet holder, and cooling fan.


  • Low Build Quality: NordicTrack C800 does not have the best build quality that is available at this price range. There are several treadmills far better in quality than NordicTrack C800.
  • NordicTrack C 800 motor: It comes with a powerful motor but it makes a lot of noise, thus making the whole experience not so pleasant.
  • Outdated: Let’s admit, it was launched a long time ago and since then several manufacturers have launched far more advanced treadmills that fall under the same price range. So it might be a considerable option but there are a lot more choices available.


So here we conclude our Nordictrack C 800 Review, undoubtedly NordicTrack C800 is a great product and a considerable option. It can be perfect for those who are about to start working on the treadmill. Since it is manufactured by NordicTrack which is known for its affordable yet reliable products the product can be trusted.

At such a low price it is packed with great features like patented SpaceSaver design and EasyLift technology. It also comes with cushioning which is a rare thing in treadmills of this price tag.

However, if you wish to have some advanced feature and extremely high built quality with this Nordictrack C 800 review it is clear that this treadmill might not be the one for you.