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Muscletech Alpha Test Reviews: Is it Worth It? (Loved by users)

MuscleTech Alpha Test ReviewsToday we bring you another product review. And the review is of MuscleTech’s Alpha Test. MuscleTech Alpha Test is a testosterone booster brought down in the market by a reputed brand in the dietary and health supplement industry, which is MuscleTech.

We will cover everything about the Alpha Test, from its ingredients to its PROs and CONs to the benefits of its ingredients. So, without wasting any more time we should start our review.

Muscletech Alpha Test Reviews: Info about Company

Muscletech Alpha Test Reviews

MuscleTech is a notorious and prominent brand in health and dietary supplement markets. MuscleTech is the brand name of Kerr Holdings which, which was founded in 1996 in Canada (Elliot Lake, Ontario to be more specific.)

But was later brought by a Chinese Company Xiwang Foodstuffs Company in 2016. (this information is not verified with the company, and the source of this information is Wikipedia.com).

The company has an R&D department and has more the 50 patents on their name and has partnerships with some of the most reputable universities around the globe for research and development purposes.

And MuscleTech claims to be pumping in $3.5 million for research and developments of new ingredients every year as of their facebook page. Okay so, all in all, it’s a recognizable brand and a name that can be trusted.

With that being said, enough of the company profile, now, coming back to our product review which is MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews.

MuscleTech Alpha Test Reviews: MuscleTech Alpha Test is a testosterone booster designed to boost free testosterone levels in healthy males, preserve peak testosterone to estradiol levels and heighten ATP levels.

The company also claims that MuscleTech Alpha Test will also help customers to gain strength and muscle mass.

It will also help in bringing down the Estrogen levels. Now, as we have said this in our previous product reviews also, a health supplement is only as good and as effective as its ingredient formula i.e., what ingredients are used and in what quantity are they laid into the supplement.

Talking about or MuscleTech Alpha Test, the ingredients used are zinc 7.5 mg, Fenugreek extract 300 mg, Tribulus extract 250 mg, Shilajit extracts 100 mg, Boron Citrate 100 mg and Broccoli 50 mg. the company claims that Alpha Test booster can boost your testosterone levels in just 7 days of consumption.

MuscleTech ALPHA Ingredients:

  • Fenugreek extract(300mg)
  • Tribulus extract(250mg)
  • Shilajit extract(100mg)
  • Boron Citrate(100mg)
  • Broccoli(50mg)

So we will come up to these ingredients one by one in detail in a while but before that let’s talk about the MuscleTech Alpha Test PROs and CONs of MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews and we will also take the customers comments on MuscleTech Alpha Test booster reviews.

PROs and CONs


  • Delivers adequate amount of Amino Acids
  • Contains Leucine and BCAA
  • Contains many Test Boosting Ingredients
  • Great Price


  • Misses some other Testosterone Boosting Ingredients
  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • Not that effective for all its users

The following are the PROs of MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews:

  1. MuscleTech Alpha Test delivers an adequate amount of amino acids throughout the day. Makes you will feel more active in the gym and delivers more strength. It makes your erections better and increases the sleep quality and the number of hours of sleep.
  2. MuscleTech Alpha Test delivers a superior amount of Leucine and BCAA than we get from a casein protein.
  3. MuscleTech Alpha Test is packed with proven testosterone boosting ingredients like boron citrate, shilajit, Tribulus, fenugreek, and zinc.  All of the ingredients used in the Alpha Test are scientifically proven to be testosterone boosting agents, which makes MuscleTech Alpha Test booster a real deal.
  4. MuscleTech Alpha Test is available at a moderate price if compared to its peers. While testosterone boosters start from a price range of around $15 and can go up to $70-$80, MuscleTech Alpha Test will cost you around $18-$19 which is really not expensive.  
  5. MuscleTech Alpha Test doesn’t need to be cycled. (which is a great thing) It means you don’t have to run a cycle with this product as it is completely natural. The company also claims that the Alpha Test can also be mixed and taken with other types of supplements. Anyone can run any cycle along with this product, hence making it completely safe.
  6. If you are experiencing hair loss and disturbed sleep patterns, and if you are gaining weight because you are after 30(which is completely natural because testosterone levels start to decrease after 20 and all mentioned here are the results of low testosterone levels), MuscleTech Alpha Test booster helps, not completely but it helps

The following are the CONs of MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews:

  1. MuscleTech Alpha Test misses out on some of the most important and proven testosterone boosting ingredients which are magnesium and Vitamin B complex.
  2. You have to take MuscleTech Alpha Test twice a day. Which is really not a good thing because most effective testosterone boosters are made to take only once a day, before going to bed because that is when the testosterone boosters provide the maximum results. At night before the bed, because when you go to a long good sleep then your body comes in recovery mode and starts to recover the wear and tears in muscles and strength in muscles which you lost during the intense training session earlier that day. It is also the time when the body produces a different kind of hormones and testosterone is one of them. So most testosterone boosters are manufactured to be taken at night before bed and not throughout the day.
  3. If twice a day wasn’t a good negative for you here is something else, you might want to check. You need to take 2 pills twice a day of MuscleTech Alpha Test if you need to see significant results coming your way. Now, it doesn’t take a lot of brains to tell that 4 pills for just testosterone a day are not a real deal. That too when if someone is also on multivitamins and fish oil tablets, which increases the total count of pills someone consumes in a day and which is not a good thing really. Because it increases the number of chemicals you put in yourself which you ought to try to take through solid meals. That is why these products are called supplementations. Because they can supplement but not replace the ingredients coming through solid food.
  4. Some of the customers didn’t get the results. We will talk about the MuscleTech Alpha Test booster reviews more in a minute. But before jumping on to that it is important to understand here that no testosterone booster is a magical compound which will shoot up your testosterone levels through the roof right after you start consuming it or consume the whole bottle for that matter because MuscleTech Alpha Test booster or any other testosterone booster cannot do anything if your diet and lifestyle is not up to mark. Boosting testosterone or improving your overall health comes down to two things only. Diet (nutrition) and lifestyle.
  5. the company does not run a money back guarantee or kind of scheme on this product, something that we have seen in some of its competitors considering they are not as big and recognizable as MuscleTech.

So far we have discussed the PROs and CONs of our MuscleTech Alpha Test booster in our MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews, (which was our review for today) and now if you have decided to move ahead a step and buy this product let’s talk about what customers have to say about this product and when and how much to consume in a day. (recommended dosage).

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Customers take on MuscleTech Alpha Test booster Reviews

First, let’s talk about what customers have to say about MuscleTech Alpha Test. As we said above and what we also have found in our research is that most of the customers got noticeable results in their testosterone levels while some didn’t get the results.

In our research, 90% of customers were satisfied with MuscleTech Alpha Test. Well, why some customers didn’t get the results could be a debatable topic because there was no study conducted on people as to under what circumstances they consumed MuscleTech Alpha Test and what their lifestyle or diet plan was.

Because as we mentioned above testosterone boosters alone cannot do any magic and you have to have a strict and healthy diet plan and lifestyle (this doesn’t mean we are anyhow in favor or in against of MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews).

Muscletech Alpha Test reviewsHere are some MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews by customers itself, read and decide for yourself.  If you are interested in reading more of the MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews, you can check them on Amazon customer reviews website, bodybuilding.com and also on muscleandstrength.com.

We have posted a glimpse of customer reviews taken from amazon.com. There were 100s of MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews by the customer on a single website and obviously we cannot post them all, so we have provided you with the link of the reviews for each website.

Below are some screenshots on Muscletech Alpha Test reviews by customers.

Muscletech Alpha Test reviews Muscletech Alpha Test reviews Muscletech Alpha Test reviews Muscletech Alpha Test reviews

If you want to go and check some of more MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews available, here, we’ll make it easy for you. Below are the links are given to the websites providing reviews on MuscleTech Alpha Test booster.

To go and check the MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews on muscleandstrength.com.

To go and check the MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews on bodybuilding.com visit the following link and scroll down to the bottom.

And finally to read the MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews on Amazon customer review section visit the following link.

One can also visit the MuscleTech’s official website to read or write MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews. To read the customer reviews on MuscleTech Alpha Test visit the following link and scroll down to bottom.

Now that you have read customers on MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews or MuscleTech test booster reviews.

Let’s have a look at the recommended dosage that one should follow to achieve the desired goal.

How to take MuscleTech Alpha Test? MuscleTech Alpha Test Dosage

MuscleTech Alpha Test Dosage: The recommended dosage as written on the bottle is 2 pills twice a day with a glass of water.

Muscletech Alpha Test reviews

And to make it work more effectively the gap between the 2 dosages should be 12 hours. A warning is also mentioned on the bottle not to take more than 4 pills in a 24-hour period.

A single unit of MuscleTech Alpha Test contains 60 capsules which will last for 30 days if taken with the prescribed quantity in a day.

Now that you have finally decided that you will give MuscleTech Alpha Test a real try let’s talk about where to get it from?

Where to Buy MuscleTech Alpha Test?

As MuscleTech is a popular name among the supplementation industry you will not face any issues in terms of its availability, be it online or offline.

Before we move further let us clear that we are not associated or linked in any way with the any of the companies mentioned here.

So, whether you buy from any of the mentioned companies or websites or not, it does not make any financial difference to us.

You can buy MuscleTech Alpha Test booster from various websites, some of the trusted ones are like Amazon, bodybuilding.com.

Below is the link is given to buy MuscleTech Alpha Test booster from the Amazon.

Check Latest Price

Among the options available offline in the store of Walmart and GNC. According to some customers, there is a major price difference between purchasing it online in comparison to physical stores.

The difference is somewhere around $5 – $10 per unit. We couldn’t understand why such a big price difference, you be sure to do a little research and buy it at the best price available in the market.

Now that we have gone through the MuscleTech Alpha Reviews test in terms of company profile, the product itself, its PROs and CONs, its dosage and all.

So, now is the time to dig deep into the product in terms of its ingredient formula. We will go through each and every ingredient used and on the basis of scientific research done on those products, we will determine whether the ingredient used in MuscleTech Alpha Test is really helpful in boosting testosterone or not.

MuscleTech ALPHA Ingredients

Muscletech Alpha Test reviews

So, first let’s see what are the ingredients used once to have a better perspective of its ingredients and their quantity. Following are the ingredients list.

  1. Zinc (7.5 mg)
  2. Fenugreek Extract (300 mg)
  3. Tribulus extract (250 mg)
  4. Shilajit extract (100 mg)
  5. Boron Citrate (100 mg)
  6. and Broccoli (50 mg)


The first ingredient used in MuscleTech Alpha Test is zinc as Zinc Gluconate. Zinc is found to be one of the testosterone booster agents in numerous studies conducted on subjects around the globe.

Actually for any testosterone booster to be able to boost testosterone needs magnesium and Vitamin B complex also along with the Zinc because zinc sure as hell boosts testosterone levels but it alone it boosts them marginally but when zinc is used with Magnesium and Vitamin B complex it boosts testosterone to a better level when compared with zinc being used alone in any testosterone boosting product.

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Many testosterone boosters use ZMA in their testosterone boosters because of its proven testosterone boosting benefits. ZMA is basically a mix of zinc, magnesium and B vitamins.

Both zinc and magnesium are very important for your testosterone levels but keep in mind that if you are already getting enough of them through diet then topping up your levels even further will not increase your testosterone levels more than they already are.

So, supplementing zinc and magnesium will only increase the level of testosterone level to the extent that you are currently deficient in them. But either way let’s take a look at the research on the zinc, magnesium and their effects on testosterone levels.

Research: In this first study looking at the effects of magnesium on testosterone level, researchers brought in 399 men over the age of 65 and compared their magnesium status to the status of their anabolic hormones.

What they found was that the magnesium status was strongly and independently correlated with the subject’s anabolic hormone production. In another study, both athletes were given 10 mg of magnesium for a period of time. After which both of them experienced increases in their testosterone levels.

The increases, however, were more drastic in the athletic group. So yes, magnesium is a mineral that definitely very co-related with testosterone and recent estimates shows that about 48% of the American population is magnesium deficient.

Magnesium is actually the second leading micronutrient deficiency in western developed countries after vitamin D, that being said magnesium is completely out of the picture because MuscleTech Alpha Test does not contain any dosage of magnesium.

So, although the magnesium is very important for testosterone, it was still not used by the MuscleTech which is not a good thing really, because it would have improved the quality of MuscleTech Alpha Test only.

Next up we have zinc and just like in the case of magnesium supplementing your body with zinc is also very important because we do not get enough of it through our daily diet, no matter how healthy we eat.

So, in one study the elite athletes that were supplementing with zinc had significantly higher testosterone levels than the elite athletes that did not supplement with zinc. In another study sedentary subjects were put on an exercise bike after which they experienced a decrease in their testosterone levels.

But when the same subjects were given zinc supplementation it prevented the decrease in their testosterone levels. Why did this happen? Well because a lot of zinc is actually lost through sweat.

So, supplementing with zinc can be especially important if you are an athlete or sweat a lot or you just live in a warm climate where you sweat a lot.

MuscleTech Alpha Test provides about just 7.5 mg of daily zinc requirements, which actually won’t help much if you are deficient in it. We say you should take a ZMA supplement along with MuscleTech Alpha Test booster because if taken with it, it will give you that extra edge and astonishing results.


Muscletech Alpha Test reviews

So, next up in the MuscleTech Alpha Test booster ingredient formula is fenugreek.

Fenugreek is an ingredient that is very popular in testosterone boosters and its traditionally been used in India to enhance aspects of male health.

But let’s see what research actually says about its influences on testosterone levels in men.

Research: So, in this first study resistance-trained men were given 500mg of fenugreek had significantly higher testosterone levels compared to placebo.

So, in the second study 60 healthy men were given 600mg of fenugreek for 6 weeks after which they experienced a significant improvement in libido. That being said their testosterone levels remained unchanged. In this third study, 45 resistance-trained men were given 500mg of fenugreek for 8 weeks after which their testosterone levels remained unchanged.

So, in conclusion, the effects that fenugreek has on testosterone are inconclusive. These studies show that it is not a proven testosterone booster. MuscleTech Alpha Test provides 300 mg of fenugreek in it which is sufficient.

One can also take fenugreek seeds for extra benefits as fenugreek is also a good source of protein for a vegetarian bodybuilder, although its amino acid profile is not complete. For every 100 gm of fenugreek, there is 23 gm of protein present in it.

Tribulus Extract

Muscletech Alpha Test reviews
CC: Wikipedia

Next up on the MuscleTech Alpha Test ingredient formula is Tribulus extract. Tribulus extract is as the name indicates gets extracted from a plant called Tribulus Terrestris which is commonly found in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the middle east.

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Its roots and fruits have been traditionally used in medicines in China and in India because of its benefits in increasing libido and testosterone levels. It was also used to keep the urinary tract healthy and to prevent swelling in it.

Research: Studies done on 98 women suffering from type 2 diabetes were given 1000 mg of Tribulus Terrestris per day for 45 days.

What they found was that Tribulus reduced the blood sugar levels, prevented the increase of cholesterol in the blood and also prevented the blood vessels from getting damaged.

However, 12 major studies were done on humans with an age bracket of 14 – 60 showed no signs of improvement in testosterone levels. The course of studies conducted was between 2 to 90 days.

But in another study, it was shown that consumption of Tribulus increases the libido in men. In a study, it was found that the men who consumed Tribulus (750 – 1500 mg) on a daily basis for 60 days with proper nutrition, experienced a 79% increase in their sexual drive.

The dosage of Tribulus in MuscleTech Alpha Test is 250 mg which is inadequate because to experience a surge in sexual drive one has to consume at least 1000 mg to 1500 mg on a daily basis. Studies have also shown that it does not increase exercise performance.

Shilajit Extract

Okay, so next up on the Muscletech Alpha Test ingredient formula is Shilajit Extract. Shilajit extract as the name indicates is extracted from shilajit, which is found in between the rocks in Himalaya mountains.

It is a sticky substance which forms after the years of decomposition of plants in between the rocks due to the heat and pressure exerted on them. Shilajit is a true testosterone booster and is widely used to increase low testosterone levels among men.

Research: In a study half of the men were divided into two equal groups and the first half was given a placebo and another group of men were given shilajit on a daily basis for 90 days.

All men had naturally low testosterone as the age group was between 45 to 55. 250 mg of shilajit was given in its pure form for 90 days and it was found that the group of men who were given shilajit experienced a significantly higher level of testosterone in comparison with the group of men who were given a placebo.

So scientific studies show that shilajit do boost testosterone among men if taken in adequate quantity.

The dosage of shilajit in MuscleTech Alpha Test booster is 100 mg which is a bit of low, as the studies show a minimum of 250 mg of shilajit is required on a daily basis to obtain a significant rise in testosterone levels.

Boron Citrate

So next up on the ingredient formula of MuscleTech Alpha Test is boron citrate. Boron citrate is a mineral which can be found in various eatable like nuts (nuts are the only known source of boron in eatable till date but it is believed to be present in various fruits and vegetable but in very minimal amount).

It is also found in the environment in various form. Boron is used for various different purposes like curing yeast infection in the vagina, increasing FREE testosterone levels, to get relief from mensuration pains, increase estrogen levels among men and women etc.

Research: In a study done on men, subjects were given boron for 7 days and it was found out that boron did not increase testosterone levels, BUT it increased FREE testosterone levels instead (there is a difference between testosterone levels and free testosterone levels) and it was also found out in the same study that it increased DHT levels among subjects.

In another study among men, conducted for 4 weeks, subjects were given 10 mg of boron on a daily basis and that study also found that boron increased free testosterone levels but the increase was not significant.

One study was done on bodybuilder for 9 weeks with 2.5 mg of boron and it was found that free testosterone levels increased but not up to a significant mark.

The dosage of boron in MuscleTech Alpha Test booster is 100 mg which is more than adequate and is within safe limits and which is very much necessary also because Alpha Test booster claims to increase free testosterone levels which can be obtained by using the right amount of boron in the booster.   


Muscletech Alpha Test reviews

The next up on MuscleTech Alpha Test ingredient formula is an extract from a vegetable called broccoli. Broccoli is a dark leafy vegetable is known for its aromatase and emitting effect.

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And aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. So, by supplementing with broccoli you are reducing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen and also it regulates estrogen metabolism which means it takes more potent forms of estrogen and converts them into less potent forms.

As for the scientific research is not done much on it, shedding its effect on testosterone. But its effect on estrogen metabolism is pretty well established.


Muscletech Alpha Test Reviews

We will keep the conclusion of the article “MuscleTech Alpha Test reviews” short and simple. MuscleTech Alpha Test is a great testosterone booster by a great company that has even more great products and after going through a deep study on the ingredients used in it.

After reviewing all MuscleTech Alpha Test testosterone reviews we can say that it is definitely worth a try and is a cost-effective product that that delivers what it promises which is an increase in testosterone level, stamina, and strength.

That it for today we will see you in our next product review. Till then take care and follow a healthy lifestyle. We would love to hear from you, tell us in the comments section below how liked the review, you can also ask your queries there and tell us on which product you want us to review. 


Best Garlic Supplements to buy this year, Top 11 Brands.

Best Garlic Supplements: Garlic is a plant that comes from the Allium (onion) family. Garlic is native to Central Asia and North-Eastern Iran and has long been used as a common seasoning worldwide.

It is used by people from more than 600 years. In the ancient era, garlic was used as a remedy for wounds, symptoms of aging, and many other ailments.

Through the middle ages into World War II, its use to treat the wound has been increased drastically. People use this directly to their open wounds, first they pluck garlic from the soil, wash it, and then cut it into small pieces and applied directly on the wounds and it helps in preventing the spread of infections.

The essence present in the garlic is called “Allicin“. Allicin is a sulfur-based compound. Garlic got its unique smell because of the Allicin present in it. Allicin is highly unstable and quickly changes into a series of other sulfur-containing compounds such as diallyl-disulfide.

If you want the best use of Garlic, then you have to first leave the garlic after its cutting and leave it for around ten minutes and then you can use it for health benefits.

You can get its health benefits from its supplements as well. Many companies make supplements which are based on Garlic. And here are some of the Best Garlic Supplements without wasting more time.

Solgar – Garlic Oil Perles

Best Garlic Supplements

CC: Amazon

It is one of the most effective and contains the best garlic supplement pills in the market right now is by Solgar.

This brand comes at the top of the list of the best garlic supplements 2017 and remains at its spot again for best garlic supplement 2018. It has all the health benefits of eating raw garlic in the form of pills.

It contains garlic oil concentration in its pills which means you are getting a lot of allicin. You can call this organic garlic supplement.

  • 500 mg of fresh garlic clove per pill
  • No artificial color added
  • Pills are free of sugar, gluten, and sodium
  • A tad expensive but worth per penny
  • Odorless
  • Trustworthy name in the market
  • Best organic garlic supplement 2017

Solgar is an award-winning supplement manufactured by an American based company which is established in 1947, they produce many high-quality products for their consumers. Their products are the finest in the term of quality.

Solgar maintains a very strict standard of its product quality test and keeps everything on point before coming out of the factory. You can take their supplements without any worry.

SOLGAR delivers the optimum amount of nutrients that are suitable for use. SOLGAR states that it’s not a vegetarian marked product.

It’s made with authentication processes and no fillers and binders are used as claimed by the company and totally suitable for an adult.

Allimax Allicin

Best Garlic Supplements

CC: Amazon

Allimax is another garlic supplement out there in the market with the most potent allicin formula providing a 100% yield of allicin for the body and is totally bioactive. It is marked allisure AC-23.

  • 100% Real garlic extract used
  • Gluten-free and no flavor added
  • Stabilized garlic extract
  • Veggie capsules
  • Bottle of 30 Capsules
  • 180mg of concentrated Allicin

ALLIMAX is one of the best makers in the world of garlic supplements and the company claims to be the first of the kind to manufacture first garlic supplements.

ALLIMAX is a name you can trust on blindly. They are running several types of research to make their product better consistently and allicin extract is of the best quality in the capsules and worth every buck spent. Overall it’s a decent product and gives no scope for complaints anyhow.

ALLIMAX Pro Vegicaps

Best Garlic Supplements

CC: Amazon

AlliMAX PRO is again a product by ALLIMAX but with a strong dose containing 450 mg of allicin in one pill which is twice the amount of dosage comparing to their last product.

  • Maximum yield of allicin than
  • Strong 450mg of allicin
  • AC-23 Allicin powder
  • 30 capsules packed
  • 100 Allisure
  • strictly for adults only
  • Healthy for Heart and Immune system

ALLIMAX is trusted brand as we have already discussed and this product by them is a literal bottle of wellness. They have been working extraordinarily to come with such great products and stuff. Allimax is a total go for the consumer.

These capsules are strong and must be consumed only by the consultation of the physician. They give the best results when consumed with the proper and balanced diet.

These pills are made from fresh raw garlic and extract and ensuring the best results possible and value for your money. Allimax garlic supplements are proven to be a boon for the consumers with the cardiovascular and weak immune system.

Overall the product is wonderful and best suited typically for the professionals and for people with high sports engaging lifestyle.

Solaray Organic Garlic Supplement

Best Garlic Supplements

CC: Amazon

Solaray is another great name among the best Garlic supplements and tops the chart in the race of better and reasonable garlic supplements.

Solaray contains a decent amount of Allicin and it has one pill of  600mg and contains all the nutrients that are needed to be for a perfect healthy supplement.

  • 600mg per pill
  • Vegetable cellulose capsules
  • 100% vegan
  • Dietary supplement
  • Lab verified
  • Contains no fillers

SOLARAY is a US-based company form Utah founded in 1923 and providing customers with their dietary herbal supplements worldwide. Solaray makes thousands of products and holds a rigid trust among consumers in the marketplace. Their products review as far as we have read are mostly +ve and kudos are received from the consumers.

This product is ridiculously awesome and tops the best garlic supplement list and still garnering good views from everyone but you need to keep one thing in mind and that is this product contains a pretty heavy dosage of 600mg which can be dangerous if consumed mindlessly without consulting any doctor.

The company claims that the product has no side effects but hey it’s always better to be safe than guilty.

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Cardiovascular Formula

Best Garlic Supplements

CC: Amazon

Kyolic garlic supplement is here one of the top rankers in the list and deliberately put together product by kyolic. It topped the chart of 2017 garlic supplements list and here it also redeems spot again. Garlic supplement by kyolic is one fine and classy product choice for buyers and guarantees the value in exchange.

  • Aged garlic extract
  • 600mg per pill
  • Free of sodium, artificial colors, flavors
  • Full grown garlic bulb is processed
  • Highest quality product
  • Credible Makers
  • 100 tablets
  • Best organic garlic supplement

It’s a Japanese brand with a subsidiary in the USA. This is promoting public health through research and manufacturing of high-quality medicinal herbs for the masses.

They have a huge variety of products in the market with promising results and happier and healthier than ever customers. Kyolic is a well-received product by the customers and highly preferred choice too. One can expect nothing but great value in exchange from this garlic supplement.

It has set the standards high from the beginning and people love this very factor of it and trusting the brand with eyes wide shut. Overall it’s a go-go by Fit Territory.

BRI Nutrition Odorless Garlic

Best Garlic Supplements

CC: Amazon

BRI makes the strongest and the most potent pills in the market and strives to be the best garlic supplement in days to come.

Yeah, correct, their pills have a mass of 1000 mg which leaves no odor after and it has fast digesting mechanism. These pills are the picking momentum pretty higher in the market of competitors.

  • Maintains Cardiovascular Health
  • 1000 MG of potent garlic Allium Sativum
  • 120 soft gel pills
  • Fast digesting formula
  • Concentrated pills
  • Real odorless garlic
  • Enhanced with parley seeds in it which puts it into best garlic supplement

BRI is an American based brand from New York devoted to complete health focusing herbal products for the market and thrives for the best garlic supplement list and the consumption of adults living a fast life and too busy to take care of their health.

Their products are so complete that you won’t feel empty of energy and zest.

The final word from Fit Territory is positive about BRI supplement and kudos to this wonderful product. This product is garnering positive reviews from all the directions and maintained a standard of unique quality in the world full of supplements. This indeed is one of the top-rated garlic supplements of 2017.

NOW Odorless Garlic

Best Garlic Supplements

CC: Amazon

In terms of reasonable price and quality NOW supplements prove to be a deal setter and leave an impact on customers that really lasts.

The odorless-ness is one of a prime feature of the product as they have set they title upon.

  • This odorless garlic extract is aged for 18 Months.
  • Holds max. Nutrition value possible
  • Extracted from Allium sativum.
  • 90 capsules inside
  • Concentrated extract 50 mg from the whole garlic clove
  • Strictly for adults only

This company is established in 1968 and its mission has been to provide value products that empower healthy lives around. They have recently celebrated their 50th anniversary.

NOW is a totally certified organic manufacturing unit running their headquarters in the US and providing their products worldwide. Now is a trusted company you can trust upon and one of most reasonable too and on the other side hey!

It’s a corporation made out of love for each other and its even been running by the family members. It is a total go for the garlic supplement.

Quality above all is their motto and this is what everybody needs in the world of GMO Crops, the product is totally organic and more than okay for a healthy adult. Keep the use limited and you will be in awe of this wonderful product in the market.

Himalaya Organic Garlic

Best Garlic Supplements

CC: Amazon

Himalaya is the Oldest and most prestigious producer of medicinal herb on the planet and ensures the best quality and products whatsoever. Himalaya’s core value lies in their extraordinary discipline for a quality product and they do have a knack for it too.

  • 60 capsules in the box
  • 700mg of Dose
  • Each capsule equal to 8100 MCG of Allicin Powder
  • Best suited for heart conditions
  • Strict standard measure by Himalaya
  • Free of all inorganic flavors and artificial colors
  • Organic Garlic Content

Himalaya was started back in 1930 they have a huge and magnificent history of producing Ayurveda product started in a small house and is a global seller now.

One can expect optimum quality form them with no added flavors and stuff. Himalaya is running their product line beautifully and efficiently.

HIMALAYA is sold by its name itself and holds a perfect review from everywhere but still its best suited to compare the main highlight of the products to make your pick and start consuming. This is the editor’s choice product from FIT TERRITORY.

Nature’s Bounty Garlic Extract

Best Garlic Supplements

CC: Amazon

Nature’s bounty supplies great pills in garlic supplements with a good amount of allicin in it. They make one pill of 2000mg of fresh garlic bulb extract. They are making great products for the consumers in a slightly expensive range but are worth it every penny spent.

  • Support circulatory functions
  • Cold processed to reduce odor
  • 120 caplets
  • Highly effective
  • Fewer fillers used than other products
  • High allicin content present

Nature’s bounty is making this product with utmost care and monitoring quality. Pills have a high allicin content present which makes it even more peculiar and one of its kind in the market.

If you are an athlete or sports enthusiast these pills are for you and to keep you at your best all the time this is definitely one of the best garlic supplement.

It’s an impressive product with a good name and challenges other brands in the market for the highly concentrated allicin content present in it.

It’s a sure buy recommended by FIT TERRITORY, still, have a say about it from your family physician to be sure.

Odorless Garlic Pills with Parsley Extract

Best Garlic Supplements

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This product is made by LFI LABS for people dealing with blood pressure and high sugar level. It is a Chicago based brand supplying health supplement all over the USA and their Pacific nations.

  • 60 days return policy
  • 600 mg of capsules
  • Specially made for BP and diabetes patients
  • Triple garlic effectiveness
  • No odor

The brand is pretty good and reasonable and gives a 60 days return agreement and with 30 days money back guarantee so you can trust the product like this. This is exclusively for high blood sugar patients and so.

Nutrients and Health Benefits of Garlic

As per its size, it comes with almost no nutritional value but when expressed in 100 grams it has several nutrients in abundance including vitamin C and B6 and it also contains the typical dietary minerals like manganese and phosphorus. Garlic can be one of the most underrated vegetables but it is picking up pace among masses now.

The garlic supplements are turning up to be the next big thing in the market for youth where fitness lover are buying out health. Garlic supplements stand out the most in here. Choosing best garlic supplements in the market can be a hazy task but it’s so worth it for the healthy immune system you gotta maintain.

Garlic is Primarily useful for

  • Cardiovascular Health Problems

Many research conducted around the globe looking up for garlic’s benefits show a trend of garlic help in lowering cholesterol of the human body.

Best Garlic Supplements

And studies show that with a daily dosage of 10 mg of allicin the blood pressure gets stabilized and runs as smoother than ever.

The garlic supplements chosen wisely can be a total boon in your health’s favor and do miracles for you in the health and wellness arena.

It removes plaque buildup in arteries and does reverse the early stage of heart problems.

  • Cancer

Garlic is an anticancer herb which contains allyl sulfur and other organic compounds which prevent the growth of tumor in the body.

It enhances DNA repair instantly in the holder and starts cell proliferation. Garlic has the unique ability to block the formation of very cancer-causing substance right away.

Garlic is best for a cancer patient and for a healthy person too as it helps in keeping him away from the evil infections and flu around. Garlic has many other unproven, controversial theories of repairing and fighting to diseases and infections. Most of them are studied and practiced throughout so better stick with the basics then.

  • Blood Pressure

Here again, garlic is proved to be more than just a dietary supplement. Studies show that a regular diet of aged garlic extract (960mg) does help to lower uncontrollable blood pressure and continuing this for 1-3 months can lower down the BP by 10 points.

Best Garlic Supplements

Another study showed that garlic extract can lower BP in a hypertensive section of society it also shows it garlic’s polysulfide helps opening and strengthening of blood vessels and hence blood pressure reduction takes place.

There are some best garlic supplements in the market dedicated to the high blood pressure patients. You can check them out all best garlic supplement for blood pressure.

  • Diabetes

Garlic has the ability to fight diabetes too. Consuming diabetes help regulate blood sugar level. Fight all kinds of infections, reduce cholesterol and invigorate circulation. Blood sugar level gets stabilized with proper consumption of garlic in the diet.

  • For colds and Infections

Allicin found in garlic kills microorganism more than you can count on fingers and keeps the several cases of flu at bay. Garlic is known to kill vaginal infection in ladies and it is responsible for killing some of the rarest infection known to the medical world.

Best Garlic Supplements

The extract from garlic is miraculous and the benefits lie even beyond that. Garlic supplements consumption can cure lethal and minute infections and save the day. So better keep on it and live free.

  • Rejuvenate Skin

Rejuvenating refers to the natural glow of the human face. Garlic is used as a remedy for rejuvenating skin at home.

It is a very simple process needing a clove of garlic, pure honey, white clay, and some other things. Check this whole process of rejuvenating skin here.

  • For Boosting metabolism

Garlic is the powerhouse for boosting overall human body metabolism and immune system. It speeds up metabolism means you burn more calories throughout the day. Garlic shields your immune system when consumed daily and helps fighting pretty much every disease around and keep the man sharp on the point.

  • Purifies blood, Reduces Hypertension, Eliminates intestinal ailments

Garlic supports the kidney to purify blood better and increases oxygen value in the body and put the impurities out and infections at bay.

Hypertension is every person’s issue and ever-increasing mental issue on charts around the globe and daily use of garlic kills help to fight the sudden hormonal change causing hypertension.

Garlic beautifully cleans out the intestinal toxics and ailments in the body and flushes out and makes the body all holy and molly again once and for all.

  • Bad Gastric Issues

Once again over consumption of it causes gastric problems sand disturbs the digestive system. It overlaps the functions of the gastrointestinal tract so avoid them having raw and pick the best garlic supplement for yourself from the reviews given below.

  • Heartburn, Nausea, Vomiting

Heartburns are often invoked by high garlic consumption and give the feelings of dizziness and nausea and people tend to vomit. Only raw garlic causes these issues when consumed like a maniac and added to every other dish.

MYTH Busting Section

Ayurveda has no solid proofs which support the legit and proper uses of the Ayur meds but the results are seen most of the time and yet medicines reach the markets. Here are some of the diseases garlic doesn’t do its wonder.

  • Lung Cancer

Consuming garlic daily doesn’t help to reduce the odds of lung cancer. Tests don’t show any changes in the patient’s health to an extent.

You better don’t even think about it and take some legit medication for that matter.

  • High Blood Pressure while Pregnancy

Evidence shows that the garlic is ineffective to the pregnant lady in her final statement to lower down the hormonal changes caused by blood pressure. It backs no such saying and a total myth.

  • Breast Cancer

Consuming garlic by mouth doesn’t prevent the ladies from the ever rising risks of developing breast cancer, you gotta exercise well and keep your vitals in check with your doc in general and stay healthy.

What should be the dosage?

Best Garlic Supplements

Right dosage is crucial for consuming garlic. People tend to overdose it to get quick results which are nothing but the folly of the lifetime. Garlic does effect very slim and slowly, it works it way up to improving overall health and wellness.

Dosage varies from 300 mg to 4000 mg or 6000 mg in some pills. Pills are taken accordingly and as per the requirement look at the details for the dosage below.

By mouth consumption:

  • For Diabetes
    • Pills dosing 500-1500 mg daily is used in the diabetes patients. Garlic is a decent house of vitamins B-6, C & Vitamin B-6.
    • Vitamin B-6 is indulged in carbohydrate metabolism
    • Whereas vitamin C helps to maintain the blood sugar level in the body and helps to keep it stabilized in general
  • For Hardening of Arteries in our body
    • A light dose of 300 mg taken thrice a day for up to 3-4 years with proper exercise and healthy diet has been used to dissolve the concentrated fat collected in the arteries which block the pathway of oxygenated blood flow from the heart to other parts of the body.
    • 250 mg of aged garlic extract used on daily basis for the 12 months, taking a pill four times a day is suggested for the folks with hardened arteries. A light dose taken 4 times is suitable here and folks should abide by it.
Best Garlic Supplements

For High Blood Pressure

  • For high blood pressure in aged folks, the dose lies in between 500 to 1200 mg divided into 2-4 doses daily followed for 24-30 weeks. The systolic blood pressure of the patients decreased in a clinical trial conducted by a “European journal of clinical nutrition” 5 years back those who were on the dose of above 480 mg per day.
  • Good garlic diet helps to release hypertension in the adults which are at peak nowadays and destroying endless lives around the globe.
  • It is pretty much controllable by garlic supplements but still consults your physician before starting any medication. You can check our list for best garlic supplement for high blood pressure.
  • For High Colestrol
    • A heavy dose of 1200-2000 mg is used made containing concentrated allicin and aged garlic extract. The pills are taken daily twice a day.
    • The dose of 960 mg taken 3 times a day with specific garlic extract in it and fish oil used regularly for 2 months. It helps lowering down the triglyceride level by upto 20 mg/dL. The good cholesterol isn’t even a tad affected by it so don’t you worry about that now.
  • For Tick Bites
    • A solid dose of 1300 mg is taken for 8-10 weeks daily to get rid of them ugly ticks bites and get it off your skin totally.
  • Applied for Skin Directly
    • To fight off skin infections mainly athlete’s foot and jock itch is eased by the use of garlic based cream containing ajoene and applied twice a day for a week and you sir are good to hit the field again.
  • For Prostrate Cancer
    • Garlic is a superfood to fight off cancer. It stops bloody cancer forming cells in the body and doesn’t allow them to grow further.
    • The water soluble garlic extract is used as the remedy to fight cancer in this process and the garlic extract chosen should be of optimum quality.
  • Side Effects of Garlic

    Garlic pills are harmless in most of the cases. While applying garlic gel to the skin directly won’t cause any side effects.

    Main issues are generically caused by raw garlic, Eating raw garlic might hurt your liver and that the most vital organ in the human body which can even cause liver toxicity and consumption in a higher amount of allicin can hurt and disturb the coordination of liver with the body.

    Sometimes garlic consumed while empty stomach ends up causing diarrhea and bloating in the people with gas problems.

    Excessive raw garlic consumption causes rashes, skin irritation, eczema. Alliin lyase present in garlic causes skin irritation so better to have this magical herb in limited quantity.

    Garlic may react with other antibiotics one is taking and it may disturb the process of it and cause some toxicity within the holder and disturb the metabolism of the people. One should stop taking garlic supplements two weeks before if undergoing through a surgery soon because garlic may not be your buddy while doctor putting your body open for surgery.

    • Consumption in Excess Amount is BAD for Pregnant Ladies:

    Garlic causes blood thinning effects in pregnant ladies and may turn out to be life threatening for both the child and for herself when garlic is on high consumption on daily basis. It also induces early labor so it’s better to be safe and keep the garlic supplement consumption in check.

    Raw Garlic VS. Garlic Supplements

    Raw garlic doesn’t suit everybody and causes gastric problems so garlic supplements come in play and change the plot. Capsules have some subtle contents packed in it and quite effective and doesn’t cause much like body odor and smelly breaths at all.

    So FitTerritery has arranged some of the best garlic supplements in the market and review on them all. You can check them out in the above section and if we miss anything you can mention them in the comment section below.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    • How much garlic supplement should you take a day?

    For adults its around of 4g of raw garlic per day, one 300mg of garlic powder tablet 2 to 3 times a day, and 7.2g of garlic extract per day.

    • What are the side effects of taking garlic pills?

    There are no side effects of garlic, but there are some like unpleasant smell or odor, feeling of burn in the throat, mouth, and heart.

    • Are garlic pills as effective as real garlic?

    The thing which is the active ingredient is Allicin, and when a person eats a raw garlic, allicin is released by chewing the garlic, and when you eat a garlic pill then it is more difficult to get allicin from it. Eating a raw garlic and getting a pill both things are different. Because many time the pills get dissolved inside the stomach and allicin becomes inactivated.

    • Do garlic supplements lower blood pressure?

    In some studies, eating garlic as a daily dose of at least 10 mg allicin, blood pressure readings dropped from a great amount, within one to three months, to get the same effect you need to eat one to four of fresh garlic a day.

    • Does garlic help sexually?

    Garlic doesn’t help sexually, garlic contains allicin, that helps the blood flow in sex organs.

    • What is the best garlic supplement to take?

    We picked some of the best and most used garlic supplements in our list you can purchase or check them from the above-provided links.

    • Does garlic interfere with blood pressure medication?

    Yes, if you are taking garlic with blood pressure supplements then the blood pressure might go too low. We suggest you don’t take too much of garlic while taking medicines.

    • Is too much garlic bad for you?

    Yes, everything that you take above the normal usage then it will definitely gonna harm you, and garlic does the same as well like Raw Garlic is much more harmful, it increases the risk of bleeding.

    • Is garlic a good detoxifier?

    The answer will be yes as well as no, garlic is used by many peoples for many years, but it is not possible to increase the speed of natural detoxification, but garlic can help you in other ways.

    • Is raw garlic good for your kidneys?

    No, Garlic cannot help in preventing or in the curing of any kind of Kidney Disease.

    • Is it better to eat garlic raw or cooked?

    Eating raw garlic is better than the cooked version. Because cooked garlic destroys the main ingredient Allicin.

    • Is it safe to eat raw garlic on an empty stomach?

    According to many studies it is proved if you eat garlic before breakfast or in an empty stomach, it makes it a strong antibiotic.


    We, Fit Territory reviewed the best garlic supplements in the market and presenting you with the top 10 out of the lot. Most of them retained their ranks from the best garlic supplements 2017 and stand tall because of their quality and contents inside.

    The garlic supplements are being sold widely in the market and may hold a specific place for itself in the time to come. These are some of the best garlic supplements we reviewed.

    Do order the product and enjoy those magical benefits of garlic and enlighten the body and soul in the richness of allicin.

    Garlic supplements are the best when consumed with a proper balanced diet and exercise. And hey why to stress out!

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