Garmin Vivosmart HR vs Vivosmart 3, which one should I pick?

If you are not new to this page you already know we are obsessed with Garmin and why not it is a brand that gives you options like no other.

If you are a person who loves fitness and are a fan of fitness based gadgets there is no way you have not heard the name of Garmin.

The number of fitness bands that Garmin has launched cannot be counted on the fingers, Garmin takes care of all the needs, of all the classes at every price range, so when you search for top 10 fitness watches in at any price range it is no surprise that you will definitely find a Garmin watch in that list, or when you ask for best fitness band comparison there is no way you will not find a Garmin Vivosmart 3 vs Vivosmart HR+, its Harley mourns Mr. J | Suicide Squad omnipresent.

A fitness watch is not something very new to the market, it has been amongst us and has a huge market base.

Smartwatches full-fledged caught people’s eyes in 2010 when watches were actually equipped with smartphone-like abilities, could track our activities, give notifications and what not.

Since then the market of Fitness watches has expanded tremendously because of the huge hike in the demands for Fitness Watches.

It is a great companion and an alternate for your phone which you had to carry with you just to hear some music when you were out for a jog or running or for exercising, well fitness band does that for you and that is just the tip of the iceberg, it tracks your activity, monitors your heart rate, takes care of your daily activities and is equipped with so many features that can help in improving not just your physical health but mental health too.

This article is to compare the two most known bands from a prominent smartwatch brand that is Garmin and to do a Garmin Vivosmart HR vs Vivosmart 3 to give a detailed overview.

Garmin Vivosmart HR vs Vivosmart 3

Both of these fitness bands Vivosmart HR and Vivosmart 3 created a lot of buzzes when they were launched and were two of the best options in their price range, but here comes the dilemma with a bit of time gap between these two watches and price gap too which one is actually a better option to go for.

So here in this Garmin Vivosmart 3 vs Vivosmart HR, we will compare the specifications of both the bands, learn about their features, pros and cons to find out which one actually gives you the value for your money.


Garmin Vivosmart HRGarmin Vivosmart 3
Dimensions and General
Dimensions 21 mm width; 12.3 mm thickness 18.5 mm width; 9.8 mm thickness
Regular 137-188 mm circumference 197 length; 122-188 mm circumference
Large 180-221 mm circumference 223 length: 149-215 mm circumference
Display size 1.00 in x 0.42 in (25.3 mm x 10.7 mm) 0.38 in x 0.76 in (9.6mm x 19.2 mm)
Resolution 160 x 68 pixels 64 x 128 pixels
Battery life Upto 5 days Upto 5 days
Regular 29.6 g 20.4 g
Large 32 g 21.5 g
Smart Features and Sensors
Water rating 5 ATM 5 ATM
Memory /history 14 days of activity tracking data, 7 timed activities 14 days activity tracking data. 7 timed activities

Barometer altimeter

Garmin Elevate

Ambient light sensor

Connectivity Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ Bluetooth Smart and ANT+
Smart notifications


Find my phone

VIRB Camera control

Compatibility with Garmin connect mobile

Smartphone compatibility iPhone, Android iPhone, Android
Smartphone music control

Activity Tracking Features
Auto goal

Sleep monitoring

Move bar

Step counter

Calories Burned

Floor climbed

Distance traveled

Intensity minutes



Heart Rate Features
HR zones

HR alerts

HR calories

HR broadcast

HR max

Clock features
Automatic daylight saving

Alarm clock



Training, Planning and Analysis Features
Auto Lap

History data on the watch

Customizable pages

Customizable alerts

Fitness age

VO2 max

Vibration alerts

Touch/Button Lock

Garmin Vivosmart HR Review

garmin 35 vs 235

Src: Amazon

Launched at the end of 2015 this fitness band is a direct competition to Fitbit charge HR.

  • Design: It is available in two sizes one is regular and the other one is large so it takes care of people with different wrist sizes. But the design still seems quite bulky.
  • Display: It comes with a backlight which makes the display easily readable. It has 24x7 on the LCD display that shows time just like a watch and has a large display, it is visible in sunlight. The straps are made up of silicon which like and disliked equally.
  • Functions: Just like any other fitness band it shows time, distance covered, total counts, tell you the number of calories burned and also the number of floors climbed. It also has auto-goal, sleep monitoring, intensity minutes and move bar which are great additions.
  • Through auto goal this fitness tracker sets a goal automatically according to your recent workout performances by observing activity levels, Sleep monitoring monitors sleep- total sleep, periods of movements and total restful sleep, sleep monitor does its job very well and Move bar alerts you after a period of inactivity which sets down automatically after it notices some activities.
  • Another feature as mentioned in the specs table is smart notification, this means it can also share the notifications that your phone is receiving like the messages, calls, etc so it keeps you informed about the notifications on your phone.
  • Features: It is quite evident that Vivosmart HR supports heart rate monitoring and it does a great job monitoring heart rate throughout the day, The good point is it monitors heart rate whole day long unlike its previous bands. The data is quite accurate so Vivosmart HR definitely lives up to its name.

Vivosmart HR is a waterproof watch so you can step into the pool and can totally forget about your fitness band. One major setback is the absence of GPS so one can expect a little bit of inaccuracy.


  • Auto goal: Garmin Vivosmart HR manages to set an attainable yet challenging goals. It tracks the recent activity level of the users and sets a goal.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The heart rate monitor works well and gives accurate data, another good thing about the heart rate monitor is that it works 24x7 that means that it keeps a check on heart rate constantly throughout the day.
  • Features: Features like sleep monitoring, move bar etc works very well and do their jobs flawlessly. These features helps in monitoring day to day performance that could lead a better, active and healthy lifestyle. 
  • Water Resistant: Not to forget that this fitness tracker is waterproof which is something not very common at this price range.


  • Vibration Alert: Vibration alert is to obvious, it is good to be easily noticeable for the person who is wearing it but to be noticeable for every person around you is not the purpose of vibration. The noise it creates is a bit disturbing.
  • Design: As mentioned earlier, this fitness band is not for those who prefer great design, because this one is quite bulky and does not have an impressive design and feels a little bit uncomfortable on wrist.
  • GPS not available: Here is the sad news, it does ot support GPS so it doesn't really provide an accused data of your run and walks.

Garmin Vivosmart 3 Review

Garmin Vivosmart HR vs Vivosmart 3

Src: Amazon

This fitness band is relatively new as compared to Garmin Vivosmart HR, basically, the successor of HR plus which was the successor of Vivosmart HR so we definitely look forward to some major improvements and additions and advanced features and Garmin certainly knew that.

  • Design: This is a bit slim and sleek unlike Vivosmart HR and is very comfortable to wear. The straps are again made of silicon.
  • Display: The screen is OLED display, the screen does not cause a probably even during the daylight and comes with an ambient light sensor, so the display works fine.
  • Functions: It has smart notification features similar to that if Vivosmart HR, it displays all the push notifications on the phone it is connected to and keeps you notified. It also supports automatic activity tracker, its Move IQ feature detects the activity be it walking, swimming, cycling or elliptical training and starts tracking it.
  • Features: Okay so if you were waiting for a major difference here it is, VO2 Max. With its elevate wrist-based heart rate technology Garmin welcomes its first dedicated fitness tracker that has VO2 max, it shows the oxygen level that can be processed by the body, so basically it measures the maximum effective use of oxygen by the body while exercising.

This fitness bands calculates your stress and indicates it on the display and comes with breathing timer that guides for a breathing exercise when in stress.

Garmin Vivosmart 3 is water resistant, at this price it is a great addition, you can step into the water and completely forget that there is something on your wrist, not really gadget is still a gadget so you will have to be careful about its limit.


  • Design: This one is sleek, comfortable and has an impressive design which looks attractive. The watch is very comfortable on wrist unlike the later one.
  • Water Resistant: Vivosmart 3 is water resistant and is rated 5 ATM so you don’t have to be careful about removing it before you enter your bathroom for a bath or before you dive into the water. 
  • VO2 Max and Fitness Age: Garmin is providing these two features that are mostly not found at this price range in Vivosmart 3, this data is very vital and can help you to improve your fitness age.
  • Stress Tracking: As mentioned above it features stress level tracking, so it helps in monitoring stress levels and if it finds high stress level it also guides breathing to reduce the stress. This one is definitely a bonus.


  • GPS not available: Garmin yet again has not paid much attention to GPS, this fitness band is again not GPS compatible which is a decision making or breaking feature or many people.
  • Garmin connect not user friendly: Garmin connect app is a great app but the problem is it is very messy and hard to understand which makes is not a very user friendly app, it can be simplified to make it easy to use.


This Vivosmart HR vs Vivosmart 3 was quite one sided. Vivosmart 3 definitely manages to steal our heart with its far more advanced features like VO2 Max, Fitness Age, Stress Tracking, Breathing Guide and what not and if this is not enough then another great news, it is way cheaper than Vivosmart HR.

Garmin Vivosmart HR is not a bad choice either but the fact that Vivosmart 3 comes with several new features and that too at less price, Vivosmart 3 is better and a smart choice to go for. It is new, it is advanced, it is comfortable, it is sleek and is affordable. So the winner of Garmin Vivosmart HR vs Vivosmart 3 is undoubtedly Garmin Vivosmart HR.



Is the Vivosmart HR waterproof?

    -- Yes, it is rated 5 ATM which means it is waterproof up to 50 meters.


Does the Garmin Vivosmart HR have a watch?

    -- Yes, it comes with an always on display that shows time 25/7.


How do I charge my Garmin Vivosmart HR?

    -- Charger comes with the watch, it can be connected to the charger with a USB cable.


How long does the battery last on Garmin Vivosmart HR?

    -- It last up to 5 days.


Can I swim with Garmin Vivosmart 3?

    -- Yes you can, it is waterproof and is rated 5 ATM and allows you to dive in up to 50 meters.


Does Vivosmart 3 track distance?

    -- Yes it does, however the measured distance might not be very accurate because of the lack of GPS.


Can Vivosmart 3 track sleep?

    -- Vivosmart 3 comes with sleep tracking , it monitors your sleep and presents sleep statistics like total hours of sleep, sleep levels etc.


Does Vivosmart 3 track heart rate?

    -- Yes it does, it offers 24/7 heart rate tracking.

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Garmin Vivosmart HR











  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • Water Resistant
  • VO2 Max and Fitness Age
  • Stress Tracking


  • GPS not available
  • Garmin connect not user friendly


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