Before answering, “why should you buy quest bars?” Nogii wants to share my exciting story with this fascinating protein bars.

Back then, Nogii usually found myself surfing on Instagram for healthy and quick protein powder recipes when I came across a video by my favorite personal trainer. She was introducing quest bars – what she described as “pack a punch of protein and be high in fiber.” So, Elisabeth Hasselbeck decided to have some.

My first try was the Chocolate Brownie. And you know what? – It was exactly like the description – taste, healthy, and on-the-go snacks for busy and diet-conscious consumers, like me.

Now that Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Davis Thuan have used Quest for more than a year, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Davis Thuan can’t wait to share with you guys all the amazing things about these protein bars.

Ingredients of Quest Bars

Not all quest bars are created equally. Each of them has different components to make the excellent taste and nutrition values.

But here are some common ingredients as follows:

Protein blend

What makes the quest bars protein-loaded are:

  • Whey protein isolate
  • Milk protein isolate

These sources, like protein, are not something you can make at home or purchase from a farmer.

Whey protein isolate is the dried results of removing non-protein elements from the whey, which is a typical ingredient in the cheese making process. The protein amount in the isolate is higher than that in the concentrated whey while the fat or lactose, if any, is little. Hence, I strongly recommend the quest bars for pregnant women.

Moreover, the whey protein helps control the level of blood glucose and diabetes in daily diets.

On the other hand, milk protein isolate is claimed to provide high-quality proteins as fresh milk. Milk protein helps increase its texture and fullness. What’s more, it boosts the amino acids in the quest bars.


The oligosaccharides, which tastes slightly sweet, are the source of fiber in the quest bar. However, it is not considered a sugar since it is a long chain molecule.

One notice is, the actual fiber count in the quest bars is less than in the cover. Besides the protein bars, you can eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for better fiber profile.

Other ingredients

Some common parts of the quest bars are:

    • Almonds, cashews, peanuts: These ingredients are full of protein. Moreover, they create darn tasty to the bars.
    • Sea salts: They add trace minerals, more flavor, and texture to the bars.
    • Stevia and erythritol: Since the quest bars are free of sugar, the stevia and erythritol are the alternatives to sweeten up the bars. Accordingly, the stevia is 150 times sweeter than the sugar. And, the erythritol is 70% as sweet as the traditional sugar.
  • Sucralose, water, natural flavors, Lo Han Guo, etc.

Nutrition Facts

What to concern about the nutrition information of candy bars includes calories, fat, protein, and carbs in each serving size.

In brief, Quest bars are a nutrient-loaded house with an impressive amount of fiber and protein within 1 gram. Especially, these bars are gluten-free and almost without sugar and sugar alcohols.

To be specific, most Quest Protein Bars contain from 170 to 210 calories each. The average protein is around 20-21 grams and the active carbs are between 2 and 7 grams. Exciting enough, the bars contain tons of fiber but neither sugar nor junk added.

These nutrition facts might differ a bit when it comes to specific tastes and types. Take the quest peanut butter protein powder nutrition facts for example.

What Do The Quest Bars Taste Like?

That quest bars have little, and no sugar or gluten does not mean they taste like dessert! In fact, there are bunches of flavors for you to enjoy.

Here I want to share 5 most common tastes that you might like. Some are my favorite.

Chocolate Brownie

I myself can’t get enough of the Chocolate Brownie quest bars. You can’t as well – once giving them a try.

Best tasting protein powder

Those are in rush of sweet or those who have a bad day might desire to have chocolate at once. However, they are in fear of sugar that can break their healthy diets. In that case, the Chocolate Brownie is an excellent alternative.

This quest bar has a strong flavor of cocoa, sweet enough while being quite chewy and stiff. More importantly, it is full of protein and not glutted with unhealthy carbohydrates.

Let me show you the best way to enjoy the Brownie – bake the bar in a microwave for 10 to 15 minutes. The outside chocolate layer smells (sometimes it goes crispy), but the taste will be a party for your tongue.

Taste rating: 10/10 – the best quest protein powder flavor.

Apple pie

One apple a day, send doctor away!

If you also love apples like me, give a go for the Apple Pie Quest Bars.

Treat your mouth with a fresh and energizing taste of apple with the Apple Pie. The pleasant sweet gives off from real dried apply. The taste is like the apple juice after an exhausting match.

Moreover, the uniform texture is chewy.

The bar is more protein-rich than cheese or milk. And, it does not make you gain weight.

The only complain is that the bars’ apple flavor is slightly tinge of cinnamon, so the bar tastes a little piquant compared to the natural taste of apple pie.

All in all, this flavor deserves 9 out of 10 points. The Apple Pie is a universal, indeed!

S’ mores

Many consumers like the full of flavors produced by the S’ mores. You will feel the toasty-sweet marshmallow, chocolate, and crisp graham cracker in your mouth. The flavor is a party from the back of your tongue.

It is nothing better than baking the bars for a few minutes so that all flavors are combined perfectly.

I like the fact that the protein included will slow down the digestion process, so I feel full much longer. No need to eat junk food!

The flavor will never fail to treat your appetize. However, I like the full of chocolate like that of the Brownie, so 9 out of 10 for the S’mores.

Quest Cookies and Cream

The chocolate brownie is my advocated taste. However, eating only several flavors for a while is somewhat tiresome. I am always ready for new tries.

Recently, I have quest cookies and cream protein powder for my breakfast.

On the very first bite, the bars taste like the cookie dough flavor. Soon after, I feel the sporadic crunches of feeling in my mouth. I feel like eating real cookies.

The white cream is also a plus, which gives of a different texture like the actual cream. Good for the look and tongue!

Real as the cream is, the bars are a bit fat. So, I will not consider this flavor as a regular choice but eating twice or three times a week for a change of taste is acceptable.

8/10 overall – Recommended.

Coconut Cashew

Though coconut and cashew seem to have distinct flavors, they turn out to be a perfect match from heaven. If you don’t trust me, a bite of Coconut Cashew Quest Bars will tell.

The excellent balance of coconut and cashew makes these bars outstanding in the race for the best-tasting quest protein powder title. Unlike other products made from coconut, the taste is not overly sweet.

This flavor has built up its fan club. And if you try, you might be another new member.

For me, who goes crazy about strong flavors, this balanced taste is good for 8/10.

Why Should You Buy Quest Bars?

Make it quick; here are my 5 reasons for the love to quest bars:

  • The richness of protein without sugar or gluten
  • “Does quest protein powder make you gain weight?” – No
  • A variety of flavors that will satisfy your mouth
  • The widespread availability in stores, malls, and supermarkets
  • Bunches of quest protein powder recipes to make the bars even more tasty and healthy

So, Are You Ready to Fall in Love with Quest Bars?

If your current protein diets do not work or you have got enough of the old flavors, give the quest bars a try. Take my recommendations into account. And in case it works for you, please spread this post for others to enjoy as well.

If you are already a quest bars’ fan, please share with us your 5 reasons and 5 favorite flavors. Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Davis Thuan are ready to try your recommendations in return!


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