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Are you an experienced writer? Do you wish to receive traffic and exposure to your site? If this is the case, then Gaining Tactics has something for you. We are now allowing guest posts to writers who wish to write on topics such as fitness, muscle and weight gain, bodybuilding and related. Our primary goal is to provide the best information to users for free, and need your help in achieving this goal.

Requirements for Guest Posts

  1. The article should be of 1000+ words. Since it’s a new blog and the traffic is growing continuously, we only want articles that could benefit and help the readers.
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  3. The article should be from the following topics:
    a) Fitness
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    c) Nutrition
    d) Weight or Muscle Gain
    e) Workout Plans
  4. Must include relevant images and graphics.
  5. Only one do follow link will be allowed in the author bio, due to the new google updates.